Rolling to the End of the Line ~ Choogle On! #77

Rolling aboard buses, trolleys, Skytrain and Seabus, Uncle Weed discusses changing routes and riding transit for escape, exploration, creativity, inspiration and adds in tourist fun plus concerns about free expression, aggressive security and love for the Seabus in a special documentary dispatch from Upper Lynn Valley to Kitsilano in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

See Rolling to the End of the Line article in at I Love Transit Week essay: Dave Olson series at Buzzer blog (thanks Jhenifer) or “Rolling to the End of the Line” Transit mixed-media essay on the Buzzer at Feasthouse blog.

Hop aboard for Rolling to the End of the Line – Choogle on #77 (.mp3, 28:00, 26MB)

Rolling to the end of the Line


Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

as seen in lynn valley - lost pipe

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Transit dimsum via @uncleweed Twitter

Transit freeverse

change my route to think about the neighbourhoods
March 30, 2007

i change my route
from time to time
to think about
the neighbourhoods

switched Cambie 15
for Main Number 3
or Fraser if i don’t mind
cutting across Kingsway

skirted schoolgirls Xavier-bound
headphones, sweaters
in rows

downtown exchanges
spake in broken halts
sometime gleaming
often rain
occasionally sleet, hail or ice

The Crazy Canucks
Photo via Miss604 on Flickr


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2 thoughts on “Rolling to the End of the Line ~ Choogle On! #77”

  1. Dave, I must say thank you again for contributing your essay, podcast and poems to I Love Transit Week. I really enjoyed your work and am really glad we got to work together! Thanks again!