SxSW Bound for Austin Goodtimes – Choogle on #60

Starting at the Seabus terminal, a busy Uncle Weed mentions some forthcoming trips and thoughts and then ends up in Austin, TX for a music, film and interactive fest complete with drinking, carousing and tokes on the Presidential suite porch.

Yup, we’re SxSW Bound for Austin Goodtimes – Choogle on #60 (.mp3, 14:29, 12MB)

Sxsw Austing Goodtimes

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One thought on “SxSW Bound for Austin Goodtimes – Choogle on #60”

  1. Listened to it on the web this time. Been a long time since I Choogled. What a pleasant, minty fresh experience.

    “I document where I go”

    Choogle on, choogle on….

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