Improvising Over Hedges – Postcards #38

Busting out a bit of original (un)sung freeverse with a new mic plus guitar-toting amigo Bread, a shaker egg and a stack of freeverse fortified with improvisational bits about the mortar holding the middle of bricks, leaping over hedges, waiting for airplanes and diesels downshifting and being …
so tired but sometimes
so inspired
bewildered and in love with something
we’ve never met
and history yet unseen

Listen to Improvising Over Hedges – Postcard #38 (.mp3, 4:31, 4.5MB)

Postcards from Gravalley Beach shed in Pe Ell

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(loosely) based on original work Bridges at Mountain Highway

2 thoughts on “Improvising Over Hedges – Postcards #38”

  1. Hi there! small little question. I’m looking to start a podcast on — how did you get the nice little player up there? is there a shortcode for it or something? Thanks :-)