Meandering Past Monuments of Remembrance – Postcards #49

Wrapping up the White Poppies for Remembrance series with a narrative late-night wander through Westminster, London, DaveO meanders past military monuments, victory squares, cenotaphs, palaces, royal parks, war museum, war chambers, riot fences, war protesters, churches, parliament and finishing at St. James park for a sitdown under a weeping willow to consider monarchy, individual rights and responsibilities, and the role of class division in waging war as London’s sirens, trains, and Big Ben fill the night.

Care for a stroll? Meandering Past Monuments of Remembrance – Postcards #49 (.mp3, 34:19, 28MB)

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Jerry Garcia Band (with John Kahn), acoustic, Oregon State Penitentiary, Lonesome Prison Blues, Salem OR 050582 via

New Riders of the Purple Sage w/ Robert Hunter, April 8, 2006, Venue: Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA
Schoeps MK4v > V3 > 744T @24/96
Lineage: 744T > Audobe Audition 16/44> CDwav > Flac16
Taped by: Pete Gilmore, Monkey Tunes
Transferred by: Dawne Sacchetti

Pete Stone – Golden Frontier via KEXP Song of the Day

Bonus: (links coming soon perhaps)

  • The Uighurs – repressed Muslim Chinese in Guatanamo
  • Moscow weather – winter 2006, winter 1812
  • Crimean War


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