Blog Tasks


  1. (in process) Categorize all posts (1 category per post, see Daveostory Taxonomy + Categorization + Etc Worksheet (1600 2100+ so far)
  2. Move “ephemera” top level category post into sub-categories (disappear them for now)
  3. Import > add to “tools and annotations” category with tags


  1. Top level navigation with pages + endless goodness + personal musings + contact
  2. Left side menu with categories 
  3. Top menu item “Endless Goodness” (all posts except ephemera and personal musings)
  4. Write “Category Descriptions” to appear on top on category view

Design + Theme

Bits o’ design inspiration

  1. Add a theme which is flexible and clean (2 columns + header variety)
  2. Ensure text area is maximum size (no right column required)
  3. Change css on title to remove ALLCAPs and display Normal Title Case
  4. Create front page with welcome message and featured post(s) videos, audio,… How and what to do with this? (made front page into blog-style roll, possibly revisit)
  5. Add Social widget in posts
  6. Indicators to show post type (video, link, normal, aside, …) whilst in list view etc.
  7. Implement rotating  headers using dave’s static montage art

Content + Archive

Tune up / combine / streamline pages:


  • speaking 
  • publishing
  • media kit
  • resume

Pods + Vids + Art

Upload PfGB to (see Podcast Migration worksheet and Downcast Podload task tracking spreadsheet) UNDERWAY (1-5, 45, 50+

Upload Canucks outsider and Olympic outsider (uploaded to Daveostory) to (see Podcast Migration worksheet)

Fill up writing project sections with appropriate writing, ergo:

  • Letters from Russia
  • Items Forgotten
  • January in Hotsprings
  • Short Fiction
  • More poetry cycles
  • Uncle Weed’s Red Rock

Import videos (1 post for each video including descriptions and tags – file as needed, video dim sum for misc) NOTE: Mostly done

Post for each art piece (painting + static montage) including notes (size, medium, series #) UNDERWAY including + Annotations & more at: Library

Testing + Polishing

  1. Add You might also like
  2. Update all URLs after moving shit around
  3. Add Sitemap.xml
  4. Add to Google Webmaster tool with Sitemap.xml (upload file to root for auth) & Analytics
  5. Turn off robots to
  6. Test for bad links (many!!!)
  7. Consider stock footers for categories (podfeeds etc)
  8. Rebuild and test with itunes all podcast feeds
  • Choogle
  • Postcards
  • Feasthouse – underway (double check all posts)
  • Olympics – underway
  • Urban Van – underway
  • Canucks Outsider (maybe)

Contact etc

  • add postal club
  • add feedback 
  • add errors and omissions

Planning and Doing

  • later… “Buy stuff” page
  • Add affiliate links page
  • Add this list to a page
  • Alert friends of assistance needed

Project library of poetry, podcasts, arts n' crafts, community sparking, + wandering and wondering elsewhere