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Social media bonanza update – Podcast Preview

Rolling out podcasts at usual epic pace including a few new series and guest appearances of sorts:

In case you missed it:

The Crazy Canucks
Primer on the Super Series  – a bit stale now but John added some beats while make my historical spiel worth a listen

Postcards from Gravelly Beach
Part second to last of the White Poppies for Remembrance series with an essay about why not to wear a poppy (respect by avoiding war) and some more hand-selected tunes paired like a pinot noir and gorgonzola

Canadian Podcast Buffet
Cross border podcast evangelist and diplomat Mark Blevis came to visit Vancouver and recorded some snippets of me, the charming Bollwits and the hilarious dudes form Foreskin Radio and Suburban Transpondency begging the question “why do al the fine podcasters come from Surrey?”

Raincity Radio
i’ve resurrected an old series started by Mark, Robert, Megan and others and busted out a healthy batch about web community building in Vancouver and elsewhere with guests including Jordan Behan, Marc Laporte, Boris Mann, Robert, Francis, Erik, Mark, etc.

Choogle on!
Absinthe on Thanksgiving Night Market, Hemp for Victory, Riveside chat

Canucks Outsider
Shifting into gear, Sorta …

Out N’ About with Uncle Weed
This travelin’ man chronicles is growing quick as i make new personal docu-diaries and find other clips needing a home

Dopecast with the Dopefiend
My UK counterpart came to visit and we talked and toked and recorded it all for your listening pleasure.  I offer half-asses analysis about the urban mileiu of Vancouver, forests, transportation, planning, politics, weed …
see also: a full extensive interview


Roland’s Rabble
discussion about the open soft/hard OpenMoko and other phones seeking to shake up the mobile industry (iPhone, rumoured Google phone) with Bryght’s Mr. Furley and PhP guru Audrey F.

Postcards from Gravelly Beach
Final chapter of the White Poppies for Remembrance series – out in time for Remembrance day – this “back cover” of the series features me spieling on about the remnants and artifacts of war and the folks pointing the troops to conflict and their motivations while wandering around London

Postcards from Radio Zoom
Radio Zoom John and I are planning a plan to bring the music i used in the WPfR series to his music-focused show.
This includes:
World of Hurt – Drive by Truckers
White Daisy Passing – Rocky Votolato
Mercy –
Refresh –
Providence – Chris Jacobsen
Brokedown Palace – Grateful Dead
First Vietnam War/Snipers at the Gates of Heave – The Black Angels
Gone Beyond – Akron/Family
Be Joyful! –

more with Wm Lenker at the Woodshed this time a sort of John Sinclair inspired reading – seeking the right JS tracks to combo it with.

Choogle on!
My podcast queue cleaning bonanza is nearing an end:
Numbskulz grow up
London last wander, maybe a bonus show about getting to London from vancouver with thoughts on NYC and elsewhere – might go under the Feasthouse label if not Choogley enough

Herby’s tales of ganja growing and swinging at Wreck beach

So this winter:
Work through Clayoquot recordings, water shortage, first nations reservation, skateboard comp, sitting in the woods with eagles perched overhead, wandering along trails, reading poetry and essays on clearcuts …
War resistance -seeking refuge in Canada
Marc Emery – extradition
Immigrating to Canada
Growing in a small space

Urban Vancouver
HempC taste test

the big psychedelic mop-up tray of all that’s left including a drunken (well me anyhow) discussion on the role of union in modern economy, some clips of the Dalai Lama’s Canadian citizenship ceremony, hanging out watching Seattle planes land with Cosmo

Raincity Radio:
Scales international exploits to China and more
Michael Fergusson about web communities for families
Boris and Francis about best practices for Drupal development

Olympic Outsider
a couple interviews which still need edited, release and all that with Duff Gibosn and Cripsin Lipscomb

Also Noteworthy – my personal podfather, Cosmo Goodbud Spacely started a new series Cosmo’s Spockets being a short literary snippet, a song or two and his innermost thoughts (well close anyhow)

Finest Podcast Listening


Pogues, Gordon Lightfoot, Buffalo Tom, Mudhoney, Thelonius Monk

KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic

KEXP Sonarchry, Song of the Day


Mastan Music Hour

In our Time


Daily Breakfast

Radio Zoom

Clubside Breakfast Time


Bicycle Mark

Third Coast (Chicago) Audio Contest – anyone got $45 to enter a Choogle on?

Best New Artist Award – $2000
This award is presented to an entrant who has entered the audio field between July, 2005 and July, 2007. To qualify, each entrant must have recorded, written and mixed his/her entry. It is permissible to have worked with an editor, as long as she/he performed in an advisory capacity only. Co-productions are not eligible in this category.
Each entrant must include a statement explaining his/her eligibility as a Best New Artist candidate. (I.E. explaining that he/she did indeed record, write and mix his/her entry.) All entries in the Best New Artist category will automatically be considered for the Best Documentary category as well.

The Third Coast Festival seeks to expand upon traditional expectations of audio documentary work. In this spirit we offer the following guidelines:

We’re looking for stories that document a place, time, person, event, phenomenon or issue. These include but are not limited to: investigative reports, narrative stories, personal essays and audio portraits. We’re interested in work with a social mission and stories that entertain. Musical and historical documentaries are welcome. Profiles and cultural snapshots are welcome. Intimate stories and narrative field recordings are welcome.

Please contact us with any questions about eligibility.

To be eligible:

  • Entries must range between 2 and 60 minutes in length.
  • Entries must have been produced and presented publicly for the first time on the radio, the Internet or in a gallery/museum between July 1st, 2005 and July 20th, 2007.
  • Entries must be produced in English.
  • Work featured at or on Re:sound IS eligible for entry into the competition.
  • Each producer must sign the release and license agreement on the entry form, which provides the Third Coast Festival with broadcast and Internet rights to present entered work in its entirety between October 1st , 2007 and October 1st , 2008.

Additional guidelines:

  • Entries should consist of an individual documentary or feature.
  • Each documentary in a series is a separate entry.
  • Each feature within a program that presents multiple pieces is a separate entry.

Podcast entries:

  • Podcast entries must have been originally presented as podcasts, not as radio programs.
  • Each episode from a podcast is a separate entry.

Fire on Canaan Mountain ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #4 | EarthPop Studios

A wonderful podcast, following Dave Olson who interviews Foot Man, as they hike up Canaan Mountain to drink from a fresh natural mineral spring, eat ripened coconut and fruits and as they drape from the trees, and explore a natural weed farm baking in the hot Jamaican sun. Here’s a small taste of Jamaica, mon:) Meet Foot, a Rasta bushman called Fire, and Dave- guiding the adventure.

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Source: Fire on Canaan Mountain ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #4 | EarthPop Studios

Create a real photo album via Dave Delaney

Create a real photo album via Dave Delaney

There’s a great conversation on Uncle Weed’s podcast recently between Dave and Amber Case. You should listen to it.Amber, a rocking cyborg-anthropologist, explains how in the future books will remain while some data will disappear. She made me stop to consider this.What if the Internet disappeared. What if you lost all of your files, photos, videos, journals, diaries, blog posts, etc.? What if connectivity was no more.

August 5, 2011

Source: Create a real photo album | Dave Delaney

Podcast Migration Project

Podcast Migration Project background

Hosting is broken, podcasts should now live on in for benefit of internet and audience but must be done with accuracy and consistency.

Project objectives: 

  1. Move audio files from current hosting place to with all related meta data
  2. Ensure multiple audio file version in as possible
  3. Update podcast feed blogs with new audio URL

Relevant URLs:

Choogle On with Uncle Weed


current audio:

Postcards from Gravelly Beach


current audio:

Canucks Outsider



Urban Vancouver



Ephemeral Feasthouse


audio: (not all need moved)


  1. Choose a podcast and some episodes to work on (tip: takes about an hour to do 5)
  2. Open podcast blog and Open in browser
  3. Download existing audio file & Check/Update audio file with meta data incl. Artist, Description, Lyrics (long description with credits), album art, … see blog post entry for reference
  4. Change file name to reflect podcast series and episode title and number, with hyphens – example: 
  5. Log into as uncleweed (ask for PW as needed)
  6. Choose Upload to Community Audio on
  7. Select audio file, begin upload (http or ftp) and begin upload NOTE: only work on one file at a time or the URLs and directory trees will be confused 
  8. Choose CC license (non-commercial, share alike)
  9. Add meta data, removing non-standard characters, i.e.: ~  and adding tags (from blog post) + Add description including link to blog post for credits etc.
  10. Add Author for Choogle on: Uncle Weed (Dave Olson) for Postcards and others: Dave Thorvald Olson
  11. Add album art (copy and paste flickr code snippet from blog post)
  12. Check upload playback when complete and Ensure meta data looks consistent including all standard names
  13. Copy mp3 audio file URL form Archive and Update links in podcast blog in 2 places (enclosure link and player link) 
  14. Test playback on blog & update post
  15. Send a twitter with tag #choogleon saying “it’s done”


Podcast Publishing Recipe

So you have an audio file ready to go?

Did you Levelate it? Levelator

A complete show pack includes:

* Episode – 64 or 128K stereo mp3, levelated

* ID3 tags (title, description, lyrics, art)

* Album art (photo edited in PS or flickr/picnik)

* Blog post with show notes/links with footer

Now onto Publishing

First, ya gotta put the file somewhere – usually via FTP or web upload (

Second, create a Blogpost for the epiosde (i use add album art, description, related links, “show notes”

Third, in the blog post, create an absolute link to the .mp3 file – whereever it lives + add to a category

Fourth, preview, publish, hurrah!

Tuning your Feed

  • Create an account at Feedburner ( – This creates a multi-purpose “envelope” for your podcast feed
  • Includes different RSS standards, ATOM + Apple-specific stuff & stats, troubleshooting etc. & subscribe by email
  • Grab your new shiny feed from Feedburner and submit to iTunes music store
  • Wait, then one day you can share the absurdly long URL with others

Keys to a solid episode

1) Tell a story (often requires rearranging clips to create a narrative – add some music to give the folks time to reflect and chill as needed)

2) Remove douche-baggery (yeah sometimes there are false starts, stupid comments, missteps, self-indulgent crap and people calling “dave” – all that goes)

3) Sonically comfortable (export as AIFF, normalize/compress using Levelator, then convert to .mp3, listen and re-export til it sounds sweetopian)


If I Had A Podcast…

If I Had A Podcast…

Podcast Workflow, Editing Tips and Episode Preview

A few podcasts in process and notes on production workflow and podcast making:

Podcasts in Process

Choogle montage – handful of clips which never got a finish (or a beginning), or were too loud, or too without context – i think they could be remixed into a unique show with some music and loops and sound bites from the clips – it’s kinda a mess and a vague idea but there’s something decent there – kinda of a LSD mop-up tray

Clayoquot series – a bunch of audio clips which are disorganized and possibly out of sequence. need to sort em out into episodes length chunks – there are a few show length chunks i.e. the logging/fishing interview, reservation spiel, and some other poetry and essay bits for Postcards from Gravelly Beach – literature show – UNDERWAY

Last voter in Canada – this is the old election show mentioned in the new election show – my experience voting and then a post-vote party with noise and commentary – a bunch of clips to sort, levelate and arrange but could be a gooder

HempenRoad – While on a mountain ramble, Uncle Weed recounts the HempenRoad film project, a mixed media travel documentary about the commercial industrial hemp industry in Cascadia in 1996.

SXSW – 3 flase starts on this preview and recap of 2009 sxsw and my F@ck Stats, Make  Art lecture

Lt Magnum – interview with US Navy officer back from Iraq and Philipines taking military life, seabees and beer

Tribute to the Fonz – My pal Gazoo died last April – i recorded my thoughts on the dock of Harrison lake

Keys to a solid episode

1) Tell a story (often requires rearranging clips to create a narrative – add some music to give the folks time to reflect and chill as needed)
2) Remove douche-baggery (yeah sometimes there are false starts, stupid comments, missteps, self-indulgent crap and people calling “dave” – all that goes)
3) Sonically comfortable (export as AIFF, normalize/compress using Levelator, then convert to .mp3, listen and re-export til it sounds sweetopian)
Download this:

Complete show pack


* Episode – 128K stereo mp3, levelated
* ID3 tags (title, description, lyrics, art)
* Album art (photo edited in PS or flickr/picnik)
* Blog post with show notes/links with footer

Workflow Summary

1. Record mucho audio on M-Audio Microtrak or iPhone >

2. Import raw files to iTunes and listen to raw clips while riding transit >

3. Ferment for 6 months to 3 years for “seasoning” >

4. Either a) talk someone into editing it based on my cuts, or b) use Garage Band to build the episode by adding themes, music, anecdotes and such

5. Export/listen/fix-it-up/export/listen – happy? Export as AIFF> Levelate > Convert to mp3 > Add Meta ID3 Data (title, descrip, album art)

6. Upload via to a web dir via FTP

7. Create blog post (free blog) with description, links, album art, etc. >

8. Publish and flow feed to Feedburner > iTunes etc. Announce to folks, have a toke >

9. Repeat over and over For the People!


M-Audio Microtrak – record almost everything on this – battery life is the weak point, otherwise very nice

Sony stereo mic – Same as Father Roderick – gives great stereo separtation for sound-seeing

Koss Sterophones – You are gonna have cans on a lot, get good one, I prefer Koss over any other i’ve tried

M-Audio Solo Firewire Interface and desk mic for home recording

Podcasting Legal Guide – CC Wiki

Podcasting Legal Guide – CC Wiki