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sometimes i record these sorta spoken word / sorta sung songs and sometimes i record other people playing songs or sometimes people record songs i wrote

Squatters In Zion ~ Bill + Weed

My pal Wm. Lenker wrote this song, i liked it so much that one cold January evening, I *demanded* that we go into the woodshop and record – in various tracks, with guitar, vocals and banjo.

Change My Route (to think about the neighbourhoods) – Spoken song

While in a cabin in Jamaica, i recorded a sort of spoken word song made from loops, samples and layered tracks of sorta-singing and spieling about the changes in my city and the importance and interestingness of observation. Available in poetry only version as well.

Humble Boys Club of Westmoreland – spoken song

From a cabin in Jamaica comes a spoken word song made from loops, samples and layers of spoken and sorta-sung vocals inventing stories about a workers’ boarding hall which burned down years back and the foundations sits, still.