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Announcer Don Wittman Passes on 1936-2008

As versatile as they come, Don Wittman set a high standard for Canadian sports broadcasters by calling most every sport in a thoughtful, engaged and sincere manner creating myriad noteworty moments on CBC. His knowledge of a variety of sports and disciplines is rivaled only by my brother Dan.

Don Wittman calls the Curling at SLC 2002

P.S. F*ck you cancer.

Not spelled Don Whitman

Stolen Handbike and Recumbent alert

Schmicking HandcycleBikes Were Stolen This Morning…

Justin‘s unique handcrafted in Germany by Schmicking Handcycle (expensive) handbike (with wheelchair hitch) along with Lisa’s recumbent bike – both used on their carbon free honeymoon – have been stolen!

Please alert pawn shops and keep an eye on shady characters. If seen, throw a lock on them and call Justin’s cell 604-671-6370.

Oh Brother – this printer is mighty

brother in a mighty boxAlong with some other local blogger/indie media/creative types, I am testing one of Brother’s new laser printers. I am someone who loves making stuff since ditto machines to working at K!nko’s for three months so i could scam the colour copier after hours. 65lb, 4 colour, duplex laser printerThusly i am stoked to be testing a 65lb., full duplex(!), full colour(!), laser printer.

Among other projects, I’ll be making some photo wall collages (mounted on black museum board) me and the sweetie have been meaning to make for years.

Then (excitedly) make some bound and fully realized versions of my Letters from Russia (.pdf) war & love epistletory discourse book (which, incidentally, i’ll be discussing on Santa Cruz public radio soon) which included some drawings, painting and such which never made it to the digital version.


If i get really productive, I’ll finally create a printed, illustrated version of the Uncle Weed’s Red rock Adventure (.pdf) – eco-minded edu-tainment for all ages.

Uncle weed illustration

Yes there is a book with pictures written in 1988 or so which is Uncle Weed’s adventure in the desert explaining tips and tricks for development sabotage with outstanding illustrations by the talented Mr. B.G. Kiggins of NYC.

Next step is to gather a killer stash of quality paper to ensure the finest results. Thanks to DB eh.

Noise to Signal cartoon makes fun of web biz goofiness

Rob (day job = Social Signal) Cottingham brews up some witty and well executed cartoon about web culture, the biz grind, work life, geekiness, corporate shillery etc.  Somewhere between Dilbert, Farside and Family Circus ;-) and less self-referential to the “web 2.0 community” as Blaugh.

Check out a few samples (served up via Social Signal’s site) and subscribe to Noise to Signal RSS feed

Note: the original posts are accessible with written description for page readers – very nice.  Oh yeah, he does political stand-up – hire him for your fundraiser ;-).

Noise to Signal cartoon

Rob Cottingham's Cartoons on web biz

Rob Cottingham's Cartoons on web biz

Rev. Bob’s Fave Bar in Granada

A sunny afternoon here in Vancouver with me office-sequestered has me thinking about chillaxin’ with a beverage – maybe some random conversation with a stranger, a bit of a snack mayhaps.

When i look at this snapshot from my amigo, writer, scholar Bob Kezer (the Urantia Writer) i wanna pull up a barstool and read a bit of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “100 Years of Solitude” before a few games of backgammon.

I noted to the Rev that i wanna recreate this photo with us sitting on the stools! Perhaps replace the sleeping dog with a piglet and add herbal enhancements to the table goods. Sigh, … for now, i’ll dream of a relaxing afternoons while i whittle away the day …

Bob fave bar in Granada spain

Bob sez: my favorite bar in granada. no name I know of…call it 57 cause of the faded number above one of the doors. highest bar in the sacramonte…just keep going up and around the hill…gitano country.

Rick Steves – Europhile and travel-activist kicking down the tolerance

I am a huge fan of travel guru and noted nice guy, Rick Steves. He started with great books (Europe Through the Back Door) after traveling around Europe working as a piano tuner. Now, he’s all over PBS TV and Radio and his radio shows are now podcasted. He is totally in me “hero file.” Not only did build a kind and gracious empire promoting travel, good times and friendship from Edmonds, WA but he is also an outspoken and noble endorser of cannabis use and tolerance and chillaxing in general. He is now a member of the Norml advisory board and his ‘regular American dorky dad’ persona is just what ‘regualr dorky Americans’ need to see to push the cannabis bogey man image out of their minds.

I could go on and on but i was eager to let you know that his podcasts are getting better and better and these two (along with one about Prague i listened to this morning) are great examples. Not just ‘which hotel to stay in’ but real global/local minded discourse on the thoughts and customs which make us humans rather intriguing. The contrast (fairly unintentional) between Netherland’s noble aloofness and the cubicle-bound American makes for great listening and his recounting of the Road to Santiago is a treat with behind the scenes thoughts about ‘why’ along with the ‘wheres and hows.’

Anyhow, here are a few links to smoke errr. digest:Rick on Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops

Decriminalization of Marijuana

Europe Through an Open Door (interview)

Among the groups that Steves, a Christian who’s active in the Lutheran Church, supports are Bread for the World, Greenpeace, and NORML, which advocates the decriminalization of marijuana. His trips to Holland, he says, have shown him there are more compassionate and sane policies for managing marijuana use and prostitution.

Rick on Social Activism

So subscribe to Rick’s podcast ye mateys and/or grab a couple of samples below.

Dutch Tolerance and The Overworked American Airdate: April 28, 2007

Rick chats with tour guide Ton Van Garderen from The Netherlands about how Amsterdam makes its “live and let live” libertine policies work andwhat’s behind the Dutch reputation for being “tolerant.”

We’llalso assess the state of the overworked American with author and documentary producer John DeGraff to see how we can reclaim some of the time we never seem to have enough of.

Additional Links:

John Degraff’s website:

Pilgrimage on El Camino de Santiago in Spain, Tourism in Iran

Airdate: March 31, 2007

We learn about El Camino de Santiago de Compostela from a man who takes tourists on updated versions of this medieval pilgrimage route and catch up with a Lonely Planet Iran researcher who finds that, despite the country’s heavy-handed rulers, the Iranian people are some of the most welcoming you’ll find anywhere. Plus we have a new round of listeners’ travel haiku to share.

Additional Links:

Note: I am fascinated by the Camino de Santiago where pilgrims walk for thousands of miles to get near the (alleged) bones of St. James as we learned arriving their the day the Pope JP2 died. The next day were impromptu parades and masses at the giant cathedral (my first Catholic mass too). I did a wee bit of writing a few painting too – maybe i’ll finish them sometime – here’s a photo in the meantime.

Rick Steves Europe: Travel with Rick Steves: Program Archives

Today’s Cookie Fortune…

Well really not today’s fortune per se rather a fortune is one kept in my wallet’s secret compartment from somewhere at sometime which i do not recall …

“The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention”

Dicuss amongst yourselves.




Reverend Bob on God Refined…

My amigo Bob has completed his book “God Refined: A Proposal for Peace” and is in process of spreading the word to the public at large.   Being a strict indifferentialist, i abhore religion-induced dogma – fortunately Bob approaches his philosophy with a rejection of guilt, dogma and any cosmic speculation which seeks to bring some people down.

Here’s his press release announcing the book including a link to grab a free e-version or buy a paperback for your thoughtful consideration.  You can also check out Bob’s emerging blog “Urantia Writer” and photostream (featuring pics of Spanish beaches with peaceful folk) to get to know this remarkable dude.



Local author relates God, science, and personal responsibility to global peace.

EUGENE, OR – JANUARY 9, 2007 – With God Refined: A Proposal for Peace, Robert Kezer answers what may be our most important question: Can the average person make a difference in the world, or are we destined to a future beyond our control – one of increasing war, environmental destruction, and disparity between the rich and poor?

Today, many people feel religious strife is tearing us apart. Ancient scriptures contradict logic, history, and science: fanatics rule while reason, character, and education falter. Wisdom, the combination of knowledge and experience, is often overshadowed by dogma, church imposed doctrine considered beyond human debate. Yet, rather than our spirituality destroying us, Kezer says it is what has stopped the carnage from getting worse: this, he offers, is a clue for ending the violence consuming our planet.

In God Refined, we are challenged to accept global change as personal responsibility. Kezer shows how beliefs in hell, karmic justice, and the wrath of God are fear-based ideas retarding humanity’s progress – concepts no longer reasonable for most educated people. Drawing on the Urantia Revelation, he teaches the unified nature of creation, that our relationship with God is personal, and that all religions are considered equal under the umbrella of a single sovereign Creator.

On a planet becoming ever more violent, Kezer offers the tools we need to survive. His approach is simple, direct, and compelling: abolishing war is our responsibility, not that of our leaders. Believing that crisis creates opportunity, he visualizes a new era of global community – one where women enjoy full partnership with men in all decision-making, from the family level to the world stage. Relating humanity’s evolution to individual personal growth, we are presented with a path to a higher order of existence, one from which peace can have its first true chance.

God Refined: A Proposal for Peace is offered in paperback and in a Complimentary E-book edition for those people for whom the cost would impose a hardship.

Please download your free review copy at:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bob returned to college in 2002 pursuing a self-designed program in Peace Studies: he
graduated in 2006 with bachelor’s degrees in International and Religious Studies from the University of Oregon. Working to become bilingual so he can also present in Spanish, he writes and speaks on God, religious tolerance, and our tools for abolishing war. Bob has one adult son and lives in Eugene, Oregon.

God Refined: A Proposal for Peace by Robert A. Kezer
2006. First Edition. 6 x 9; 60 pages. ISBN:
978-0-6151-3810-7. Available through bookstores and in
paperback ($12.99 + p&h), e-book ($6.98), and
complimentary download at:
Publication Date: 1 March 2007. Thank you.

get movin’ weed!

get movin’ weed

Originally uploaded by radiobread.

no idea on the origins of this sign that bread the producer found, but it is my new motivation plaque on several levels … but after playing ice hockey last night at the Agrodome, i am ready to just sit here and enjoy weed!

Trey, dude call me, we’ll spark one (or at least hire a driver man)

Ernest Anastacio is better known as Trey from Phish, a fine, quirky jam band (who i first saw in Providence Rhode Island in 1992 or so), was busted late last night 12/15/06) early this morning or whatever.

Willie Nelson's stash from recent bust

busted trey
TSG Mug Shot: Trey Anastasio

{message to Trey} Dude, Ern… really take it easy man, we don’t need another burnt out, wasted talent sucked into pharmaceuticals. Stick to the naturals man and oh yeah by the way, i really like your solo stuff, i saw your sound check at Red Rocks a few years back and you were going in a whole new direction. Dug it. Oh yeah, take it easy dude, take some time off and kick back if you are in so much pain (and shit dude, hire a fuckin’ driver and avoid all these problems and keep on partyin’).

According to the popular tattle-tale documentary site, The Smoking Gun (who posted his booking photo), he was busted with some harsh ‘scrips:
You’d think he’d enjoy his reefer like Willie Nelson (stash below) or maybe some ‘shrooms or even LSD but he is more akin to Rush Limbaugh in his choice of inebriations, …

Phish frontman Trey Anastasio was arrested in December 2006 by upstateNew York cops for driving while intoxicated and illegal possession of avariety of medications (Xanax, Percocet, and Hydrocodone) prescribed insomeone else’s name. Anastasio, 42, whose real first name is Ernest, was nabbed by Whitehall police just miles from the Vermont borderfollowing a traffic stop. He was charged with criminal possession of acontrolled substance, DWI-drugs, and driving without a license.