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slices of life whilst out n’ about – lots of street musicians, festivals, parade, transportation methods and vehicles, wandering, commuting, skating, riding – not a story so much a hint

Fun Musical Parade on Austin’s 6th Street

While in Austin for SXSW 2013, I came across a parade — maybe an anti-war message, i’m not sure — either way, they were drumming, music making and dancing. Maybe just for fun.

Fire On Broadway! Firefighters Douse a Sofa Store & Restaurant

One morning, while going for coffee we came across a fire just underway at a sofa store and Japanese/Korean restaurant. Dave gives play by play as firefighters bring out reinforcements and tools like axes and oxygen tanks.

Lemmy at SXSW : Tokes on the Porch

On a backporch in Austin Texas during SXSW 2013, I hear a story from my buddy Pat about interviewing Lemmy from Motorhead for SXSW when the Lemmy film premiered. Annotations include blanking out, Titanic, lined notebooks, cinema volume, horseback riding, and general bad-assery.

You’ll notice Lemmy has many hobbies.

Bad Wougar: Visiting the Den

Bad Wougar are a hard rocking outfit from Vancouver BC and I give you a wee peak into their rehearsal space to hear a little bit of their variety of distorted, loud rock.

Bagpipers and Cougars on Robbie Burns Day in Vancouver

A bit of dark and chaotic footage from a bar in Westside of Vancouver where a young piper works through a number while being attacked by a drunken cougar on Robbie Burns day.

Remembrance Day: Japanese Memorial Cenotaph in Stanley Park

Full Remembrance Day ceremony at the Japanese Memorial Cenotaph in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada, including: minute of silence, bagpipers, buglers, reading of Flander’s Field and other respectful meditations. Pardon rough edits etc.

Remembrance Day: Bagpipers & Vets Parade in North Vancouver

Pipers and veterans parading from the Cenotaph in Victoria Park in North Vancouver on Nov. 11, 2011.

BC Lions vs Saskatchewan Roughriders – Conversion into the Empire End Zone

Mayhem ensues when a successful conversion enters the Empire Stadium end zone in Vancouver during a CFL game between the BC Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Chinese New Year’s Day at my Credit Union: Drums, Gongs, Dragons

During Chinese New Year’s, my credit union branch (in Chinatown) was entertained by this wandering troupe of noisemakers celebrating the year of some critter.