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collections of visual art including oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings, travel ephemera collage art, some photo essays, and even hand crafted party invites


Just resting in hot bath with lavender oil, listening to John Prine and/or Supertramp, McCoy Tyner –thinking about cyclones, colonialism, glen canyon & post offices. #theusual
Wondering what’s up with you. Enjoy knowing about your actions & dreams. #Hoping you are splendid. Do tell.

Pacific Blue Drum and Bugle Corps Parade in Bridgeview, Surrey, BC

pac blue parade

recently shot clips of 23 marching bands at Victoria Day parade in Victoria (natch) and was flashing back to hauling bass drum or marimba through Bridgeview for parades with no audience. they were marching bands and now drum bugle corps per se but made me think of the hijinks with all the Pacific Blue weirdos, circa 1983-4.

anyhow, curiously wondered how our drum line would stack up (better than all i am sure!) and enjoyed some flashbacks to the many parades (enjoyed memories more than hauling mallets or bass drum) and sure enough, found a photo… of the lamest parade ever… an early morning in Bridgeview with almost no one on the streets. We were yelled at by woken up residents, and joined in the parade mostly by kids with wagons and dogs.

Behold, evidence including rare snaps of legendary Rob Loewen and the witty Bill Odribege + more renegades.

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Nude bathers at springs

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Diamond Fork, Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah

Does a bylaw/rule count if not painted with accuracy and completeness? #signs

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Evidence of peaking early. Preparing for Act 3. #ribbons #prize #elementary

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Happy Jack, The Who

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Well organized for #Art & #Chaos

On the road to wander and wonder

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