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photo essays, stitched panorama, and other (often analog) photo-centric projects

Hats, collected & assembled – Would you care to wear?

Step thru, to another side. Not saying better, worse…

… or whatever, but times change and time changes, thus making forward momentum mostly mandatory.

New laptop. Prepare for (more) missives

Important – some somewhat instructional – signs, scattered in various places

Artifacts from likely forgotten places

Artifacts from likely forgotten places. Resurrected with fresh stories augmented with inky pens, broken typewriters, scissors and glue. Possibly sent to you.

Hippie and Hemp credentials are/were never in need of validation, however…

My #Hippie and #Hemp credentials are/were never in need of validation, however… for your consideration, may I present a portrait of a much younger #UncleWeed at a #HempFest near #Nelson, #BC circa 1993. Had just returned to another journey around #Japan and spent the summer selling him bags and juggling sticks at various festivals, concerts and street corners.

Stamp of authenticity

Stamp of authenticity and approval. Accept no substitutes.from Instagram:

Various cards of…

Various cards of identification, vacation, accommodation, permission and recreation.

not all prophets write on the subway cars

Some of these notes are truth – indeed not all #prophets write on the subway cars, some choose cardboard or other substrates yet the medium & message are equally compelling the message is the medium .