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cycle of modern haiku-ish sudden poems – written in bursts in Japan, Olympia, Utah, Guam and other sundry locales – assembled into themes, connected by sinews

Hotsprings and Stubbed Toe: Occasional haiku (cover)

(chapbook cover)

Hotsprings and Stubbed Toe

Occasional haiku… 1992-2004

Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe – Haiku-ish poems, 1992-2004

Grandma in the hills near Saji Tottori Japan - Obaasan
Japanese Obaasan (Grandma) in the hills near Saji-san, Tottori-ken, Japan, circa 1993

“Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe” – A collection of short, haiku-type poems written by DaveO between Tottori, Japan and Olympia, Washington between 1992-2004.

Download Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe (.pdf)