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Quotes About Dave:

“Though his hair is kind of wild these days and a thick beard covers most of his face, you can’t pigeonhole Dave as a hippie. He’s kind of a Renaissance guy who can speak at length on anything from ecology to music to pro hockey.” Chris Simunek,
High Times 03/2002

Media Appearances Round-up (in process)

Social Media and Start-ups

  • Many more re: Hootsuite… TBC
  • Dotto Tech – Dotto Tech 102 – HootSuite and Ebooks – April 2013
  • Global BC Morning News – HootPress – April 2013 
  • GrowVC October 2012 – Community Building Begins by Listening
  • Just Talking Podcast October 2012 – About HootSuite
  • CiTR 101.9, “Tweets and Tunes” October 2012 – Interview with Dave Olson, VP of Community for HootSuite
  • CBC Radio 1, “BC Almanac” April 2011 – Coping with the Canucks (game 7)
  • CBC Radio 3, “Grant Lawrence Live” Feb. 2011 – Search Light Best music website (again in March, 2011)
  • News 1130, segment about True North Media House and With Glowing Hearts, Feb. 2011
  • Vancouver Sun “Good Idea to Fruition” Jan. 2011 (re: UBC SLC event)
  • PBS Media Shift, “True North Media House, W2 Provide Citizen Media Hub at Olympics” Feb. 2010
  • CP, “Citizen journalists preparing to get the unofficial Olympic scoop” Feb. 2010
  • Harvard Business Review Olympic Social Reporting and TNMH profiled, Feb. 2010
  • Vancouver Sun “Social networking media push for inclusion in Olympic plan” Nov. 2008
  • 24 Hours “Worldwide in 2010” (re: TNMH & Olympics),
  • Business in Vancouver “VANOC slow to get into new media game” June, 2009
  • Georgia Straight, “Geek Talk” about True North Olympic media campaign
  • CBC Radio One, “Early Edition” Aug. 2009 – Team Canada sweater launch
  • CBC Radio One, “Early Edition” May 2009 – Canucks playoff preview
  • CTV, “Global News” May 2009 – Canucks playoffs predictions
  • Vancouver Sun, “Online and on Set” June 2009 – traffic growth
  • CBC Radio One, “BC Almanac” Oct. 2008 – Canucks season preview
  • BBC, “Blogs and Pods” Nov. 2008 – Alternative media at Vancouver 2010
  • TechTV, “Lab with Leo” 2008 – Digital & analog DIY culture
  • Shaw TV, “Urban Rush” 2008 – Interview about Happyfrog and green business
  • Evolution Radio, “Show” 2008 – Interview about eco-business and activism
  • CBC Radio One, “On the Coast” April 2006 – Canucks Outsider video-cast
  • North Shore News – 2008 – Interview about green lifestyle choices – 2008
  • CKNW, “Get Connected” June 2006 – The Crazy Canucks podcasting
  • Santa Cruz Free Radio, “WriteNow! The Art & Action of Letterwriting” Dec. 2007 Interview about Letters from Russia literature project
  • Vancouver Courier, “Slow Train Coming” 2008 – Washington State to BC train travel
  • Vancouver Courier, “Hockey Night in Canuck Land” June 2006 – Canucks Outsider podcasting
  • CTV, “Global News” June 2006 Crazy Canucks podcasting the playoffs
  • Fresh Cup Magazine, “Why Wi-fi? – Pros and cons of a wireless cafe” Feb. 2006 – Wireless Internet access in cafes
  • The Olympian (WA), “Wireless Net links spread” Dec. 16 2005
  • The Olympian (WA), “Private sector offers unique challenges” March 20, 2005
  • The Olympian, “Entrepreneurs create local ISP” March 21 2003
  • High Times, “Top Counter Culture College” Aug. 2002 – Evergreen College and filmmaking
  • The Olympian, “ATG purchased” June 6, 2002
  • The Olympian, “OlyWa office empty” May 28, 2002
  • Business Examiner (Tacoma, WA),  “Candid Conversation with Dave Olson” March 4, 2002
  • Pacific Daily News (Guam), interview about Jerry Garcia’s death, August 1995

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Social Media Campaigns

  • Wrote hundreds of expository articles for business communication and promotional purposes. Optimized, published and promoted using blogs and social channels.
  • Initiated dozens of participatory campaigns and executed activities using myriad social media tools and outlets. Measured results against objectives and created duplicatable recipes.
  • Highlights include:
    • “Next Movie Star””Micro Movie Reviews” & “Souvenirs de Cannes” for MovieSet, 2009
    • “Phones for Fearless” for Raincity Studios, 2009
    • “Frog Squad at EPIC” for, 2009
    • Vancouver Women in Tech list” for Raincity Studios, 2008
    • “Blogging for Retailers” White Paper for Elastic Path, 2007


  • True North Media House – co-founder and communications wrangler – a collaborative media campaign for social reporting during Vancouver Olympics.
  • Drupal Camp Vancouver, Lead organizer for workshop-style conference, plus supported/mentored/participated Drupal Camps in Victoria, Alberta, Seattle, and SF Bay Area
  • Transit Camp Vancouver, Co-organizer of conference
  • Washington Association of ISP, Member (and active, informal lobbyist)
  • Washington State Internet Lobby, Co-founder and Communications Director
  • (Washington), Communications, Director


  • TEDX Vancouver, Official Blogger, 2011, Official Twitter, 2010
  • Translink’s Buzzer blog 2009 “Rolling to the End of the Line” transit essay
  • BBC (radio) “World Stories with Boris Maksimov” 1997 interview about eco business development
  • “Deep Cuts” (radio show in Guam, USA) 1994-5 – Discussed eco-business, counter-culture and DIY entrepreneurship
  • “Buenas!” (TV show in Guam, USA) 1995 – Interviewed about entrepreneurial activities and juggling sticks
  • “Zoom-in Asa” (National TV show in Japan) 1993 – Featured making and selling handmade juggling sticks
  • Guest on Nick Trotter’s show on Salt Lake City talk radio – 1992
  • KUTE – Host on University of Utah campus radio station
  • KOHS – Host on Orem (Utah) High School radio station FCC license acquired
  • Registered Digital Millennium Copyright Agent with Library of Congress



  • Featured in “With Glowing Hearts” a documentary about social justice, social media and the Olympics – 2009-2011
  • “HempenRoad” – Produced, wrote, narrated and distributed feature-length documentary film. Presented screenings at festivals and distributed worldwide – 1996~9
  • “Go with the Flow” – Featured in film about Olympia’s culture, Oct. 2002
  • Numerous appearances in student films made at University of Utah, Rhode Island School of Design, Utah Valley College – 1987~90


Conceptualized, produced and distributed podcasts for professional and personal endeavors, including:

  • Choogle On! – renegade dispatches and documentaries about public policy conundrums, travel, transportation, economics, activism, music, art and culture (awards = 3rd place in local podcast for Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver 2010; 2nd place for Miss604 Awards 2008)
  • Postcards from Gravelly Beach – spoken word literature -original and classics – in context with music and anecdotes
  • Canucks Outsider – audio magazine covering Vancouver hockey culture and sport on and off the ice with a view to international fans
  • Olympic Outsider – non-accredited chronicle with athlete interviews, sport punditry plus civic concerns
  • Urban Vancouver – people, issues, festivals, scenes of life and personalities from Vancouver, BC
  • Raincity Radio – discourse on open source software and community building with Drupal CMS
  • Happyfrog Pondcast – interviews with entrepreneurs at trade shows and green-focused events
  • Get Elastic Ecommerce podcast – interviews with tech biz industry luminaries including Wired Ed-in-Chief Chris Anderson
  • Co-host of The Crazy Canucks plus, frequent guest on Roland’s Rabble (technology) and many other webcasts

Olympic coverage

  • Numerous established media appearances discussing social media and Olympics and the True North Media House campaign including CP, PBS, CBC, Harvard Business Review, 24 Hours, …
  • Creation of blog posts (see Vancouver Access 2010) for Vancouver 2010
  • Creation of Olympic Outsider podcast series for Torino 2006 and Vancouver 2010
  • Open Letters to VANOC & IOC for True North Media House
  • Extensive blog and podcast coverage of Torino 2006 and Beijing 2008
  • Photo essay from 28 events in 13 days at SLC 2002 including informal appearance on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada
  • CFAX talk radio – Spoke about media change and the Olympics (unsure if any artifacts exist from this news/talk station)
  • CBC Radio International “The Link”

at CBC studioAnother radio segment for my fave cultural institution, the much maligned CBC – this time on Radio Canada International on the show “The Link” for a panel discussion about the Vancouver Olympics and their legacy. With host Marc Montgomery and a couple other panelists.

  • CKNW news/talk radio – Outside of The Edge pub, spoke about social media and Olympics (and late night partying) on this news/talk station – Translink heard it/Twittered it

Bios and Blurbs

Poet, podcaster, pundit and chronic documentarian from his earliest days, world-rambling Dave Olson spends his time writing, painting and listening to old vinyl albums on the back porch whilst gazing at mountains and trees. Published in magazines and journals on topics from Hemp Culture in Japan to Telco de-regulation, Dave is most proud of his handmade literary chapbooks, static montage art, and audio hi-jinks. An enthusiast of personal translucency, Dave shares his spiels and writings at and via Twitter @uncleweed.


Dave Olson is a mixed media storymaker and chronic documentarian from his earliest days. Published on topics from Hemp culture in Japan to Telco de-regulation, Dave also makes handmade literary chapbooks, static montage art and renegade documentary podcasts. After covering Olympic games in-person from SLC, and afar for Turin and Beijing, Dave co-founded a ground-breaking project for social media coverage during the Vancouver Olympics called the True North Media House.

“DaveO” graduated in Inter-disciplinary Studies from Evergreen College and works as an community director for a noted social web tool. He frequently presents at events including SXSW and Northern Voice, and appears in the media discussing technology, hockey and culture. Now spends his time telling stories and listening to vinyl on the back porch whille gazing at mountains and trees.


Dave Oliving in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada these days, writes essays, stories and verse and make podcasts about hemp cannabis and miscellaneous hi-jinks – Choogle on with Uncleweed, Vancouver Canucks hockey – Canucks Outsider, and spoken-word literature –Postcards from Gravelly Beach. He also writes stories and essays – often about technology, culture, travel and cannabis. You’ll find Dave’s work published in Cannabis Culture, High Times, Heads and Journal of International Hemp Association, also of note: Dave was a judge at the 2002 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and compiled a photo gallery of the trip.

Dave also made a travel-documentary film called the Hempenroad and appeared in Go with the Flow – a documentary about Olympia, Washington.

All Dave’s writing, photos and painting projects are at Uncle Weed. He also hustles gigs doing writing, marketing and design projects and makes visual art too – snapshots, paintings and static montages of ephemeral objects – some of which you can see at Dave’s Flickr photostream.


Living now North Vancouver, BC, I am particularly keen on literature, art, hockey, hemp cannabis and traveling out n’ about. I am also interested (and/or inspired by) ships, trains, bikes and worn books in stacks and random paper bits which i collect (tickets, transfers, pamphlets) despite my hunch i shouldn’t.

I often go places and make projects and spread the results to interested people as stories, essaysfreeverse poetry and podcasts about counter-culture hi-jinksspoken word literatureCanucks hockey and Cascadian out n’ about trips, and miscellaneous ephemera.

Published essays and articles in Cannabis Culture, Journal of International Hemp Association, Heads, High Times, Menu and a variety of others. Appeared in mainstream media TV (Guam, Japan), radio (Vancouver, Guam, Utah), newspaper (many) on topics including juggling sticks, drug policy, international ramblin’, epistletory literature, cannabis in Japan, Internet activism, entrepreneurial endeavours, technology punditry, and more. Oh yeah, my creative fiction and poetry pops up from time to time.


Community wrangler guy, Dot Com start upper sometimes, hockey culture pundit, renegade dope smoking documenter, poet and poetry enthusiast, counter culture historian, occasional musician and friends of bands. Do’er of Project, Maker of Stories.


Lived/worked in Japan, Guam, Germany, Utah, Rhode Island, Olympia, WA (Evergreen College grad), visited Belize, Palau, Yap, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and a batch more …

Project library of arts n' crafts, counter-culture, community sparking, creativity sharing, wandering and wondering elsewhere