Years of Gigs, Diligently Recounted

Surrey (1975~1985)

  • Decorative candle maker and sales assistant (with my Mom)
  • Editor of Pig Express news
  • Columbian newspaper delivery
  • Surrey Leader newspaper delivery
  • Real Estate Weekly newspaper delivery
  • Associate Editor VOM fanzine

Utah Valley (1985 ~ 1988)

  • Pizza Feast – pizza making guy
    Pizza Beast – ibid
  • Supplement factory worker (Provo) – a string of super lame temp worker jobs, this one repacked cheap tea from Taiwan into fancy boxes and sold them as a miracle cure
  • Software packaging assembly line – another temp job packaging word perfect software
  • Phone surveyor for political and commercial interests (a rite of passage for all renegades in the area, worst job ever… but i had my revenge…)
  • Night librarian (Utah Valley Community college) possibly best job ever

Burnaby (1989)

  • Bicycle repairman and assembler (Sharpey’s Burnaby)

SLC (1990)

  • Land surveyor assistant
  • Cinematic newspaper distributor (Cinema in your face)
  • Word perfect class teacher (Univ. of Utah)

On the road (1991~~?)

  • Term paper writer
  • Grilled cheese maker
  • Beer seller
  • LSD merchant
  • Cannabis distributor
  • Car delivery driver

Logan (1992)

  • Bicycle repairman and assembler (Sunrise)

Europa (1992)

  • Rock band roadie (slacker)
  • Grape picker (Germany)
  • Chestnut gatherer and seller (Germany)

Japan (1993-4)

  • Mushroom farmhand (Saji, Tottori Japan)
  • Rice harvester
  • hitchhiking hippie poet/diplomat
  • “Flower stick” juggling stick maker and seller
  • Hemp bag maker and seller

Guam (1994-96)

  • Japanese Beach club host (Star Sand)
  • Bi-lingual tour narrator on submarine tour boat (SS Neptune) Gave tour in Japanese and Korean
  • High School teacher educating about Japanese and english in Guam JFK HS

Olympia (1996-2005)

  • Writer (essays for High Times, Cannabis Culture, Journal of Int Hemp Assoc, Menu etc)
  • Hemp bag designer and marketer (hempenware)
  • Film producer and marketer (hempenroad)
  • Maker of websites, Teacher of Internets (Internet adventures)
  • Marketing and business development guy for Olywa >ATG > Zhonka,

Vancouver (2006-2013)

Writer (articles in Heads, and many other outlets) Also podcaster of note

New school marketing communications community media maker and sharer at:

  • Elastic Path – mktg coord
  • Happyfrog – strategic advisor
  • Raincity Studios – community evangelist
  • Movieset – director community
  • HootSuite – marketing director > VP Community

NOTE: Loads of public speaking and community project ringleading in this era

Victoria (2013~)

  • Disabled poet and scrapbook maker

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  1. I still have a Hempenware bag! By now it needs a bit of Hemp hand stitching to repair the front pockets. I would love to see the movie HempenRoad sometime.