Moving feeds, future-preserving and archiving speaking gigs

How to Stalk Yourself: A Manual for Creatives Filling the Gaps in their Curriculum Vitae

some great tips – recently i’ve moved 13 blogs, pods, columns and other feeds into one big site and now organizing and coalescing the all artifacts from various speaking gigs. So many links are expired, images removed, videos down (thanks and so on.

I have a few tips to add:

  •’s Wayback Machine is a great way to capture some – not all — old posts and reviews etc. Mainstream media outlets are the worst it seems for archiving — plus some sites block Archive with a robots.txt file prohibiting indexing and/or some dynamically generated sites don’t archive well so your mileage may vary
  • Before i do an event, i set up a Hootsuite dashboard to monitor all the conference or whatever’s conversation. Instagram & Twitter hashtags, Youtube, geo-located searches and variations on my name and company name (when applicable)
  • Once i am done a prezo or other gig, i’ll quickly favourite, star, like whatever all the relevant posts (usually at the airport) and then, soon after, create an archive “roundup” in Storify (used to do manually but this is so quick).
  • I keep monitoring for a week or two for any blog followups, news mentions etc. and then add to the Storify. Storify will send each person mentioned a Tweet thanking them for the contribution
  • Once done, i create a roundup blog post for each gig including a preface for context. I often now copy/paste almost entire posts (with a preface) since so many things are lost to the ether
  • Then i add the event to a “Speaking Gigs” list on a page which references back to the roundup post

The Internet has a very short memory indeed.

PS examples (in process) at:


Source: some great tips – recently i’ve moved 13 blogs, pods, columns and other feeds into one big site and… – Medium

Visual Art: Inventory

Annotated Inventory of paint/mixed-media art

GRAVELLY BEACH ~ Painted Winter/Spring 2005

  • #1 Snag on Beach 9×12 oil
  • #2 Madrona 9×12 oil
  • #3 Red Bark 9×12 oil & dirt
  • #4 Sakura 9×12 oil
  • #5 Iris 9×12 oil
  • #5a Bluff 9×12 pastel
  • #6 Bottles 9×12 water on canvas
  • #7 Spring Tree 9×12 oil
  • #8 Clam Dig 9×12 oil pastel on canvas
  • #9 Night Spar 9×12 oil
  • #10a&b Night Madrona 9×12 oil
  • #11 Stillwater 11.5×18 charcoal
  • #12 Pathway 16×20 acrylic
  • #13 Driftwood 16×20 oil
  • #14 Vase 16×20 oil
  • #15 Orion 9×9 oil
  • #16 Hannah’s Birthday oil
  • #17 Bluff (dan) pastel on paper

EUROPA (Entire Coast) ~ Spring/Summer 2005

  • Granada Teteria 12×8 watercolour
  • Barcelona Alley By Night 12×16 acrylic
  • The Other Direction 12×16 water/pastel
  • Cove Near Almeria 12×16 acrylic
  • Power Plant Past Cliffs 12×16 acrylic
  • Fig de Fox Garden 12×16 acrylic
  • Art Park Guell 12×16 acrylic
  • House Pat ac Guell 12×16 acrylic  on paper
  • Picnic w/ Columba 12×16 acrylic on paper
  • Santiago Beer 12×16 water on paper
  • Galacian Cafe 12×16 pastel on paper
  • French Farm by Train 12×16 water on paper
  • Renegade Cyclist (A.dam) 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Cheese, Bridges, Bikes (A.dam) 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Tour Eiffel Picnic 12×16 charcoal on canvas
  • From Arch de Triumph 12×16 charcoal on canvas
  • Sleeping on Train 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Salema Fishing Boats 12×16 pencil on canvas
  • Brussels Bar 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Amsterdam Front Door 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Bells for el Papi 12×16 pencil on canvas
  • Telescoping to the Tower 12×16 pencil on canvas
  • Amsterdam Tangles 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Beers in Grandness 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Window, Beer, Spice (?) 12×16 pencil on paper

EUROPE (STUMBLE) ~ Summer/Fall 1993

  • Rhodt Tent to Church 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Weingut 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Church Field 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Ludwig’s 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Kastanien 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Dave Face 8×10 mixed media

LOST JAPAN ~ Fall/Winter 1994

  • Gonda Village Farm 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Graves Near Gonda 8×10 watercolour pencil

STATIC MONTAGE ~ Mixed Media Collages

  • Belize ~ 2001
  • Palau ~  Storyboard 1995
  • Vancouver ~ 2013
  • Amsterdam ~ 2002
  • VW Bus ~ 2003
  • Europa for Trev
  • Europe from Trev
  • Tracks on Tracks ~ 2012
  • * Grateful Dead for Dan

CLAYOQUOT Dispatch ~ Oil/Acrylic from 2007 w/ Work in 2013

  • Half Moon Bay, oil
  • Sunset on Long Beach, acrylic
  • Lighthouse & Islands, oil

Letters from Russia – 2004

  • Camp Cabins
  • Rowboat
  • Hot lunch en route
  • Cannon at bordino
  • Lake driftwood
  • Sunset of Dreams
  • Soot and despair
  • Lake (lucid blue)
  • Countryside


  • Evelyn Backyard 9×12 oil 2011-2013
  • Vancouver Postcard 16×20 acrylic 2011-2013


  • Little Bay Postcards 9×12 oil 2011-2013
  • Mr Chubby’s Irie Cove 16×20 acrylic 2011-2013
  • Little Bay Big 9×12 oil 2011-2013
  • Little Bay Little 16×20 acrylic 2011-2013

BACKDROPs ~ Logan Utah, circa 1990-1

  • Satan Lives in Moab
  • Flaming Pig
  • Backdrop
  • Trio

“I Saved Latin” signed by Mike Watt and Secondmen

from Instagram: As a fan of #WesAnderson movies, indie rock and #vinyl, this rare unique gem from @Americanlaundromat was a must have.

Filled with surprises no doubt but, I provided a surprise for #MikeWatt and his #Secondmen at a show at my favourite dive bar #Winters @nocrapontap in #Pacifica California.

After another stunning, breakneck performance in which they played a variety of classic #Minutemen songs with D. Boone’s guitar and vocals handled instead by a man pounding the shit out of a #Hammond B3 organ with a spinning Leslie speaker to boot, and accompanied by a manic drummer who played more like hard free jazz then a rock ‘n’ roll man, I asked them “do you guys remember recording the #RollingStones’ Streetfighting Man?” They replied “yeah like two years ago… but not sure where that ended up…” So I pulled out the black gatefold vinyl to their amazement.

I had a paint marker for them to decorate the album with drumsticks and keyboards and I told him how I caught their show the night before opening for the legendary #punk band #X on their 40th anniversary tour.

Then, CJ the Sasquatch-like owner of #Winters took me upstairs where the kindly Mr. Watt, who is a personal hero and I’ve seen a dozen times in various incarnations over three decades, completed the trifecta by signing it personally to me, #UncleWeed with “much bass”. The signatures smudged due to be abundant beer and pouring rain but makes it all that more unique.

PS #JelloBiafra was at the show – when he was standing next to me I leaned over and said “I am the suede denim secret police, here to steal your uncool niece” of course he got the reference from one of his own #DeadKennedys songs, and exclaimed “I didn’t even have one of those jackets in my hippy days!”… He was wearing a US flag embroidered Western-style shirt which later he layered on a hoodie and a leather jacket when he headed out in a 1963 Plymouth Valiant in the dumping rain. Alas, I forgot my copy of Jello’s first spoken word album “No More Cocoons” so that will wait for another time.

Vinyl tell stories like streaming just can’t.

#VinylOfTheDay #AmericanLaundromat #collectable #Artifact