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Remembrance Day with Vasco’s Bones – Postcard #63

Remembrance Day with Vasco's Bones

From an olden church and (otherwise vacant) cenotaph at Fort Cochin, Kerala, India, Dave O – acknowledging an extended medical and death related hiatus – discusses the local history of colonization by Portuguese explorers, Dutch traders, then British Raj in the context of the colonization leading to exploitation, conscription and war with no meaning to local populace. Plus the meaning of reparations and the conflict of peaceful resistance – evidenced my Mahatma Gandhi beach a stone’s throw away – contrasted with continued wars throughout the world, shadowed by disposable tourism, economic and racial caste systems.

Recorded Nov. 11, 2016, Released 11:11 Nov. 11, 2017

Gather Round for Remembrance Day with Vasco’s Bones – Postcard #63  (37:11, .mp3, 192k, 58MB, stereo)

Also of note: Vasco da Gama’s bones, black knee-high socks, French generational losses, siege of Leningrad, Churchill’s mishaps, lost human potential of engineers, poets and lovers, MacArthur’s folly, Australia’s vulnerability, the emergence of regions over nation-states, Brexit for British Columbia + Cascadia, Catalonia and Scottish successions, work of raising a child, trappings of hubris, death by disease and guns, aggressive use of intelligence, forethought and diplomacy, and unfiltered view of sacrifice and life.

Cover art photo: By Dave Olson at Fort Cochin, taken by Lomo Sardine can camera with expired B&W film.

Pacific Blue Drum and Bugle Corps Parade in Bridgeview, Surrey, BC

pac blue parade

recently shot clips of 23 marching bands at Victoria Day parade in Victoria (natch) and was flashing back to hauling bass drum or marimba through Bridgeview for parades with no audience. they were marching bands and now drum bugle corps per se but made me think of the hijinks with all the Pacific Blue weirdos, circa 1983-4.

anyhow, curiously wondered how our drum line would stack up (better than all i am sure!) and enjoyed some flashbacks to the many parades (enjoyed memories more than hauling mallets or bass drum) and sure enough, found a photo… of the lamest parade ever… an early morning in Bridgeview with almost no one on the streets. We were yelled at by woken up residents, and joined in the parade mostly by kids with wagons and dogs.

Behold, evidence including rare snaps of legendary Rob Loewen and the witty Bill Odribege + more renegades.

Creepers and Chums ~ An Uncle Weed Variety Shindig


An Uncle Weed Variety Shindig ~~ Music, Poetry, Dance , Art

Details: Sat. May 27th 2017
Bring: Potluck, chair and good vibes
Dedication: Lauralee Elliott and Rod H. Ash


* Mikael Lewis and International Correspondents
* Larry “Auto” Harper
* Anna Banarama’s Bellydance Revue
++ various Global Free Radicals (via video)
Invite? Leave a comment. Will also be live streamed for folks elsewhere

Visual Art: Inventory

Annotated Inventory of paint/mixed-media art

GRAVELLY BEACH ~ Painted Winter/Spring 2005

  • #1 Snag on Beach 9×12 oil
  • #2 Madrona 9×12 oil
  • #3 Red Bark 9×12 oil & dirt
  • #4 Sakura 9×12 oil
  • #5 Iris 9×12 oil
  • #5a Bluff 9×12 pastel
  • #6 Bottles 9×12 water on canvas
  • #7 Spring Tree 9×12 oil
  • #8 Clam Dig 9×12 oil pastel on canvas
  • #9 Night Spar 9×12 oil
  • #10a&b Fireworks 9×12 oil
  • #11 Stillwater 11.5×18 charcoal
  • #12 Pathway 16×20 acrylic
  • #13 Driftwood 16×20 oil
  • #14 Vase 16×20 oil
  • #15 Orion 9×9 oil
  • #16 Hannah’s Birthday oil
  • #17 Bluff (dan) pastel on paper

EUROPA (Entire Coast) ~ Spring/Summer 2005

  • Granada Teteria 12×8 watercolour
  • Barcelona Alley By Night 12×16 acrylic
  • The Other Direction 12×16 water/pastel
  • Cove Near Almeria 12×16 acrylic
  • Power Plant Past Cliffs 12×16 acrylic
  • Fig de Fox Garden 12×16 acrylic
  • Art Park Guell 12×16 acrylic
  • House Pat ac Guell 12×16 acrylic  on paper
  • Picnic w/ Columba 12×16 acrylic on paper
  • Santiago Beer 12×16 water on paper
  • Galacian Cafe 12×16 pastel on paper
  • French Farm by Train 12×16 water on paper
  • Renegade Cyclist (A.dam) 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Cheese, Bridges, Bikes (A.dam) 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Tour Eiffel Picnic 12×16 charcoal on canvas
  • From Arch de Triumph 12×16 charcoal on canvas
  • Sleeping on Train 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Salema Fishing Boats 12×16 pencil on canvas
  • Brussels Bar 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Amsterdam Front Door 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Bells for el Papi 12×16 pencil on canvas
  • Telescoping to the Tower 12×16 pencil on canvas
  • Amsterdam Tangles 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Beers in Grandness 12×16 pencil on paper
  • Window, Beer, Spice (?) 12×16 pencil on paper

EUROPE (STUMBLE) ~ Summer/Fall 1993

  • Rhodt Tent to Church 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Weingut 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Church Field 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Ludwig’s 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Kastanien 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Dave Face 8×10 mixed media

LOST JAPAN ~ Fall/Winter 1994

  • Gonda Village Farm 8×10 watercolour pencil
  • Graves Near Gonda 8×10 watercolour pencil

STATIC MONTAGE ~ Mixed Media Collages

  • Belize ~ 2001
  • Palau ~  Storyboard 1995
  • Vancouver ~ 2013
  • Amsterdam ~ 2002
  • VW Bus ~ 2003
  • Europa for Trev
  • Europe from Trev
  • Tracks on Tracks ~ 2012
  • * Grateful Dead for Dan

CLAYOQUOT Dispatch ~ Oil/Acrylic from 2007 w/ Work in 2013

  • Left Bay near Clayoquot Sound, oil
  • Right Bay near Clayoquot Sound, acrylic
  • Lighthouse & Islands, oil

Letters from Russia – 2004

  • Camp Cabins
  • Rowboat
  • Hot lunch en route
  • Cannon at bordino
  • Lake driftwood
  • Sunset of Dreams
  • Soot and despair
  • Lake (lucid blue)
  • Countryside


  • Evelyn Backyard 9×12 oil 2011-2013
  • Vancouver Postcard 16×20 acrylic 2011-2013


  • Little Bay Postcards 9×12 oil 2011-2013
  • Mr Chubby’s Irie Cove 16×20 acrylic 2011-2013
  • Little Bay Big 9×12 oil 2011-2013
  • Little Bay Little 16×20 acrylic 2011-2013

BACKDROPs ~ Logan Utah, circa 1990-1

  • Satan Lives in Moab
  • Angry Piglet
  • Generic Backdrop
  • Trio

Dave Olson, Cub Scout – ID badge from 1975-76

Appropriate identification. Can i use this to purchase beer?  Note: Always Dave, rarely ever David.

#CubScout #Canada #Akela #Scouts


Get By with Help from my Pals

Shared with love, no further comment required. You are my jumper cables, yes you. #Hugs #FreeHugs #EndlessHugs #BeardHugs #Kisses #Friends #Survival #I’mKindOfTearingUpRightNow

from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMOlU11BZWx/

#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Lomo Photog

Until we snap again… be sure to brush your teeth, turn in the money from your UNICEF boxes, and don’t believe the hype about needles and razors in handmade caramel apples – it’s urban folklore.

from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMOolH9hIwb/

#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Tiger man versus Lycra boy

Tiger man versus Lycra boy… The victor reaps the spoils of the vanquished’s home planet. There can be only one.
from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMNzEHLBZC6/

#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Tintin, the intrepid reporter

Tintin, the intrepid reporter who managed to foil his enemies, while chasing down a story and exotic countries, was, and remains, my hero. As a seven-year-old in Guilford I did my best to emulate him, alas, glasses were a necessity but the +4 pants, rackish tie and dapper overcoat captured the spirit for my satisfaction… However I spent the entire evening trying to explain to people who I was. #Surrey wasn’t ready then, and likely is isnt now, for this remix of a relatively obscure Belgian.
from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMOU_IKBnVY/

#VirtualTrickOrTreat: Canuck on Bus

 Now for something truly terrifying… Dressed as someone who diligently supported, cheered for, podcast it, newsletter, artefact did and documented the local hockey club, #Canucks Is there anything scarier then committing when’s leisure time knowing that each and will end in a Shakespearean mello-drama of sadness and fury? Not sure but let’s ask #ChicagoCubs fans for perspective Note: this costume appeared on the side of a bus in this image… Also was seen on signs above urinals, sky train stations, websites,… I signed a release waiver in pencil. Thomas Gradin was my witness
from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMOVW6QBzim/