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Troop us Away Then

Ready for marching orders.

Troop us away then!
We’ll follow in the full moonlight

“Your dossiers are in order”
says the leather glove
for the shaking ones,
a speech to strengthen

Gird up! We exchange
breathing for heartache
until we’ve all had enough or rather
someone calls a stop for the day

Fight for a freedom
which never arrives
Never is expected
and always promised
So no one’s disappointed.

Alchemists Confer with Hypnotists

Varying days
of bliss and malaise
I’m busy these days
chasing dubbies away

When the ache nears
the break and
light becomes a haze
your soul is so faded,
no hiding, so worn

The alchemists confer
and deny the hypnotists’
clinical opinions.
Retorting, “He simply needs
more magnesium
injected into his bones”

The past life regressions
of painters, loafers and pirates
offer no evidence –
only barroom stories
when envisioning a distant yourself

Consider generating kinetic watts
from my broken soul,
frantic heart and coiled brain.
Anxiety — i’ve plenty to power
all of Iowa — roller rinks and all.

Parallel Parked in an Alternate Universe

Double parked

on a parallel highway

Broke down and hazy

on an alternate byway


I called out God,

Odin and Buddha

All i learn’d is

they all are much taller


Parallel parked on an

galactic spacepod

Where mustangs roam freely

if you promise to return


Floating far above any water

drinking only mud and mire

Chasing fireflies in ditches

tangled cactus and barbwire


I’ll build up on a lost slab

a hut of cow dung and roadkill

I’ll meditate on the lizards

and wait for the signal


Magnollas and hibiscus

it’s was sure nice to meet us

i’ll send live oak telegrams

with greetings from the forge.

en route to the Matsuri

En route to the matsuri in Japantown
the Asahis are playing and
they’re carrying that golden shrine around

to the bus driver he pesters – well actually, was a trolley
“trouble on fraser st on the powell line”

“well with the in-site riot and a festival ahead

(tbc …)

Varley at Jericho

the two swimmers, heads bobbing way out there beyond the buoys

Varley solid after a bottle of red

with gaggle of glowing students

striving for direction and inspiration about how to go beyond

~ what is the level above?

when human and nature,

face and landscape  portrait

and treatment are lost ~

all forgotten in the sublime asymmetry


Vanderpant and his photos showing more than

just the realness – tell the story beyond the moment –

the river doesn’t stop after the shutter closes

where did the rivers without end begin?


Look closely across the inlet

and you can see where to wander to find the first drops of melting cascading over lichen and rock,

filters through alpine moss & gravel into a ravine, the

gullies collect the raw material

to begin the rivers which continue to flow until they find their end


Blackberries grow where Varley sat

Jericho now leisure-time activities

weddings for international industrialists


sandy for blue- haired lounger – leathery from routine

silhouette of grey and green, cypress to seymour


divots for Capilano and Lynn

the horseshoe toes slipping into the sound

the only clears for the sky


island and headlands

fjords and freshers

lighthouses & old growth anoint the end of land

give away to the space in between


higher now they climb

wooden pioneers drifted into the concrete and glass

cantilevered over cliffs craning

to see whats directly ahead.


the veranda hosted parties

fraternized student faculty

late conversations with wine

moving rugged frontier forms and

vocabularies of culture

not contrived, not crafted

but not wrestled,

– coaxed from the confluence of river, sea and land

sit with your tools

where were you when no one was here but beachcombers and

outliers and occasional picnicers

the ferries would carry you from Jericho to Ambleside, forays and for day of weekend holiday respite

how the tree became logs and people grow into the land and emerged after exploration and surrender – well affected

I’ve Held the Globe – Poetry Cycle for Ole Gramps

Published on Apr 25, 2014

A cycle of freeverse poems written for/about my Grandpa Robert L Stevenson during his final days, and in the wake of his death as i reflected about our adventures together.

Of all my relations, i am perhaps the most like him in many ways: we loved roadtrips, foreign travel, good conversations and stories, and wearing glasses.

Company in the free verse are a variety of photos of him and me and other bids which remind me of this remarkable man who clicked off 67 countries and 80 something years.

Download and print your own if so inclined. Enjoy.

“Bay of Flashing Darters” in bentlily | One poem a day

Dave Thorvald Olson | Samantha’s daily poem | bentlily | One poem a day.


Sailboats carving patterns

darters into waves which

don’t seem to mind

Leaning over sideways

to control both power and time

Flocking into clusters

brushing past the buoys

like galaxies swirling

spun by translucent kite-strings

Leaving tracers to catch a gaze

the stone mason

experiment invites

me and strangers to rest awhile

only at lowtide when the waves release

a rusted boxspring fence and

gives way to me, the barnacles

and the bay of flashing darters.




Dave Thorvald Olson is VP of Community at HootSuite where he crafts programs and initiatives to spark the company’s rapid international growth.


Poet, podcaster, public-policy pundit and chronic documentarian from his earliest days, world-rambling Dave has spent his time writing, painting and listening to old vinyl albums on the back porch. Published in magazines and journals, he is most proud of his handmade literary chapbooks, static montage art, and audio hi-jinks.


Poetic Stories about Goalies – Postcard #62

Poetic Stories about Goalies

Poet Randall Maggs discusses his book “Night Work” about the troubled soul of legendary hockey goalie Terry Sawchuk plus the nuances of story-telling, conversations with goaltenders, Sawchuk’s Ukrainian heritage and convergence of history and hockey with host Dave Thorvald Olson at the Robson Square covered outdoor rink in Vancouver following a poetry reading promoted by publisher Brick Books.

Lace em up for Poetic Stories about Goalies – Postcard #62 (.mp3, 36:02, 33MB, stereo)

Episode cover art designed by Bread the Producer, photo by Dave O


Night Work – The Sawchuk Poems by Randall Maggs, published by Brick Books — includes links to reviews

Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems purchase via Amazon


From Hockey Hall of Fame by Dave

IMG_2746 IMG_2747 IMG_2748 IMG_2749

Special Thanks

Mike Vardy of Eventualism fame

Rob Cottingham and his cartoons: Noise to Signal

Kitty Lewis General Manager (corrected from audio) of Brick Books

Sean Cranbury of Books on the Radio podcast

Bread the Producer for audio mix and episode art

Maggs and Bachinsky, poets ~ Photo by Sean Cranbury

Music etc.

The Drive-by Truckers “Daddy Needs a Drink” live 2007-07-17 – World Cafe Live via Archive.org

The Black Tories “Cleft Palette”

Various crowd recordings from 2010 Winter Olympics games

Interviewing poet Randall Maggs at robson square

More Mr. Maggs


An interview with Randall Maggs, the Sawchuk Poet

Randall Maggs Recipient of $25,000 Kobzar Literary Award for 2010

Cutting Down the Angles

In time for the Stanley Cup Finals, a Q&A with Randall Maggs, author of the first great book of hockey poetry.

Night Work – A Sawchuk Poem Video

Legends of Hockey Terry Sawchuk

Randall’s brother Darryl Maggs on Hockeydb.com

Randall Maggs’ Vancouver history:

“On the Vancouver question, that is my birthplace and, though I haven’t lived there in a long while, I still think of it as home. The Canucks are my team. Over the years I have travelled back to the city often to visit my relatives and family. My grandparents lived in South Burnaby off Kingsway pretty much all their adult lives, my grandfather being a millwright and playing an important role in building many of the lumber mills in and around the city. A couple of summers ago my mother and I were having lunch on a terrace on Granville Island and my mother pointed out the remnants of one of my grandfather’s mills. Even after his retirement he’d be called back in to solve a problem that university-trained engineers couldn’t handle. He’d give mill officials fits, scrambling up long ladders long past the age of 80. I attended grade school in South Burnaby, I think Strathmillan School. After her years of following my Air Force father back and forth across the country, my mother went home to live in Surrey and White Rock where she lives at present. My son has been living out there as much as in Newfoundland for most of the past dozen years, having done an MA in Piano Performance with Jane Coop at UBC and working on his PhD in the Arts and Sustainability with John Robinson at UBC.”


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Vimy Ridge Diaries on Remembrance Day – Postcard # 61

Vimy Rdge Diaires

On Remembrance Day in sunny, brisk Vancouver, Ian Bell (fresh from a CBC appearance “On The Coast“) joins Dave to read from Grandpa Mark’s diaries written in the trenches in WW1 as a young Canadian. From the library steps with a flask of scotch, they reflect on the costs and motivations of war, importance of friendship and the ethereal experience of going “over the top” and facing the terror on the other side, plus anecdotes about capturing Germans soldiers and discourse on the importance of personal documentation to pass forward to generations.

Sit awhile for Vimy Ridge Diaries on Remembrance Day – Postcard # 61


Geoff Berner – Excerpts from “Maginot Line” Recorded live at the Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, Feb. 28, 2009

Various artists (including piper Dave Ahl) – Recorded live at UBC Remembrance Day Ceremony, Nov. 11, 2009

Ian Bell reading from Grandpa Mark’s diaries

William Markle Pecover – Memory of Vimy Ridge

William Markle Pecover – On Being Bombed in Britain

Photo via CDN Veterans Affairs asks How Will you Remember? – Download Canadian historical war time photo and video packs, organized by theme and era, then remix and share via social networks.

Continue reading Vimy Ridge Diaries on Remembrance Day – Postcard # 61

Forests and Oceans Without End – Postcard # 60

From a forested pathway along the open Pacific between Tofino and Ucluelet, DaveO reads poetry from Gary Snyder’s Myths + Texts and Rip Rap plus essays about Wobblies, timber-jacks, logging camp culture, and giant trees from Beloved of the Sky then the words Siddhartha the Buddha spoke upon achieving enlightenment.

Strap on your boots for Forests and Oceans Without End – Postcard # 60″ (.mp3, 15:07, 14MB)

Forests and Oceans without end


William Elliott Whitmore – Gravel Road (William Elliott Whitmore – WikipediaWilliam Elliott Whitmore on MySpace)


Clayoquot Snapshots – a set on Flickr


Hitch a Thousand Miles to See a Friend – Postcard #56

Gary Snyder at Modern American Poetry (U. of Illinois)

Inventory of the Gary Snyder Papers (U.C. Davis)

I use Koss stereophones, MAudio Microtrack recorder & Solo interface and Sony mic – just saying.


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