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“Things I Learned While Hitchhiking” from Pecha Kucha Night, Whistler

You may know, I’ve participated in “Pecha Kucha  20×20” speaking series several times in Vancouver, including in April of 2010 – Apparently Pecha Kucha is pronounced anyway you choose, April of 2011 – Stories from Japan ~ Inspiration in 20 seconds at Pecha Kucha Vancouver – and an all-star edition in February of 2012 – Vancouver Cultural Anecdotes for Pecha Kucha All-Star Vancouver, Leap Day 2012.

I also had the thrill of heading up the road to Pecha Kucha Whistler in April of 2012. Check out this just-released version of my talk and slideshow where I show 20 slides for 20 seconds each and share my views on art, being a creator, and sharing with an audience:

Dave O at Pecha Kucha Whistler

Here’s the intro excerpt for my presentation:

Writer Dave Olson speaks about his personal experiences, explaining his view on art, and how to be a successful creator. He shares his opinions on how to develop and maintain a personal vision, and examines the space where vision and audience intersect.

If my prezo brought you any inspiration at all feel free to give it an applause or share it with your social networks.

A special thanks to Aki Kaltenbach for making it all happen. Read Aki’s blogpost – Six things I’ve learned from Pechakucha night  – to find out more about what Pecha Kucha events are all about.

And to see who else who spoke at the Whistler event, read the Whistler Is Awesome blogpost.

PechaKucha Vancouver All Star Announcement

PechaKucha Vancouver All Star Announcement


Evy Jane

David Eby • BC Civil Liberties Association
Diane Roberts • Urban ink productions
Chef Todd • 12b
Marian Bantjes • Graphic Designer
Bruce Haden • Architect, Dialog
Ken Lum • Artist
Sean Orr • Writer
Omer Arbel • Omer Arbel Office
Katrina Pacey • Pivot Legal Society
Graeme Berglund • The Cheaper Show
Danielle LaPorte • Danielle LaPorte
Andrew Morrison • Scout Magazine
Dave Olson • Uncle Weed

Videos: http://vimeo.com/album/1863899

Source: 29.02.12 – PechaKucha Vancouver

Social Media Marketing Unplugged via Linnea Anderson

Yesterday, I attended Social Media Marketing Unplugged, a truly inspirational seminar about social media and the tactics used to go about handling this phenomenon. The speakers that stood out the most for me were the ones who told their story, shared their knowledge (and humour) and related it to all businesses in general.

New connections are made everyday, and these connections are facilitated so easily with all of the tools provided on the internet. In my eyes, the most useful tool to organize all of these valuable connections is Hootsuite, which was praised about by the beloved speaker, Dave Olson. (Gotta love the owl!)

Source: Social Media Marketing Unplugged |

DaveO Storytime Series #idea

Have a notion for a new project to share my spiels:

“DaveO Storytime Series”

Gist: Interdisciplinary storytime lectures mixing history, culture, art, travel, socialness, literature, documentation, music, poetry, digressions, anecdotes and rambles etc. ~ with conversation.

Details: 1 per month at a friendly venue (preferably on North Shore) – 3rd Thursday of each month, 7-9PM.

Streamed to share anywhere
Filmed, recorded, documented, annotated
Participatory with all involved somehow, surprises encouraged

Topics: Order TDB, etc.

* Vancouver Counter-Culture Anecdotes
* Fuck Stats, Make Art
* Art and Tech are Old Pals
* Greeks to Geeks – History of personal media
* Varley in Vancouver
* Hitchhiking to the Boardroom
* Postcards from Elsewhere
* Letters from Russia
* Rock and Roll Photography
* Hemp Culture in Japan
* Roots and Branches of the Beats


Venue (coffee shop with event space – comfortable and thrifty)

Someone to:

– produce each “episode” – keep me on track, motivated, help organize
– make a poster and promo materials
– manage door/ticket (brownpapertickets, eventbrite whatever)
– make high quality a/v recordings
– run livestream
– round-up artifacts coverage

Whatcha think? I’ll require a wee bit of help.

Social Media Unplugged via …And I Rise

Social Media Unplugged via …And I Rise

Who wakes up at 6:30am on a saturday to go sit in a dim lit room with 300 other people? I do apparently. I’m talking about the Social Media Marketing Conference I attended last Saturday. Although it was early, the conference was great, the speakers and crowd were great, and I learned alot so it was well worth the early morning wake up call. Here are a few highlights of how it went down…

Last, but certainly not least was Dave Olson, Community Director of HootSuite (@daveohoots). By the time he got on stage the conference was running late and we were all on our 9th hour but his humour and ability to engage the audience brought us all back of life, it was awesome. He enlightened us with the lessons he learned from building a HootSuite community of over 1 million users, these lessons were…

1. Begin with listening

2. Participation is Everything – track and monitor everything and be everywhere – where ever people are talking about or asking questions about what you are doing, be there, always and measure everything.

3. Community Manager as a Party House? Keep people on course, guide them where you want them to go, and be the driver of an exciting bus.

4. It’s all about the story – the tools may have changed but people will still engage in an interesting story.

5. Interestingness – you have to have it.

6. Go Where the people are – go talk to the people, hang out with them on their terms, play their game.

7. Speak their language.

8. Build a posse.

9. Close the loop – bring them back to the main group, back to the community.

10. Let robots do the work.

Overall, it was a great conference – there were alot of nuggets and I’m still shifting through my notes and trying out the different websites, apps, tools etc. I also connected with some really interesting people so I’d say it was a rainy saturday well spent!

Source: Social Media Unplugged – …And I Rise

F@ck Stats, Make Art at IslandTech Victoria 2009 Roundup


Dave Olson at Island Tech in Victoria I loaded up my old-timey suitcase and made my way (by aeroplane no less) to Victoria to share my musings with the folks at a tech exhibit/tradeshow/conference called Island Tech 2009.

I was invited by Clayton Stark and he brought in an A-list of speakers who flew from many locations to rock the crowd with fresh-fish thinking.

Add these renegades to your roster: @kk , @claytonstark, @willharbin, @mikevardy, @mediathtmatters, @jmckenty, @kurt_cagle + bonus appearance by @LloydBudd

Dave Olson and the old timey suitcase by KKThe video is apparently gonna make it to the web soon but alas the event photographer didn’t get any snaps of me but my cohort (and co-presenter) Kris Krug grabbed some snaps from the trip.

Bit o’ Bloggage

Mandell Degerness – Tech Thoughts

The final presentation of the day was truly “Out of the Box”.  Dave Olson challenged us to embrace the “translucency” of the web and express ourselves to the best of our ability.  It’s not the sort of talk I would have attended based on the synopsis, but Clayton was raving about this guy.  I’m glad I went.  Dave was, by far, the most entertaining and engaging speaker of the day.  I learned a little history and took on a new appreciation for some of the artists of the past and the present.  Most importantly, I feel challenged to not let my creative side slip away under the pressures of work and family.  Thanks, Dave.

Selected Micro Updates

karenrivers8:23 AM Nov 14th Great time at #islandtech. Loved @claytonstark, fabulous talk (am not biased). Fun to meet @kk & hear @uncleweed‘s take on creativity.

beautifugarbage – @uncleweed is killing it!! 5:11 PM Nov 13th

jmckenty – Lovin the nuance that @uncleweed is bringing – embrace translucency. 5:09 PM Nov 13th

kk – Man… @uncleweed is rockin his ‘Fuck Stats. Make Art.’ presentation at #IslandTech. One of the audience members just brought him a Corona. 4:53 PM Nov 13th

nealcropper – @uncleweed allowed me to pick out a new hero for me from his mannila envelope and I got Ed Abbey, desert caretaker. Time to google him. 5:04pm, Nov 13

claytonstark – @joshuamckenty @kk @mikevardy @kurt_cagle @uncleweed @mediathtmatters you beautiful, brilliant people completely made my day #islandtech 8:59 PM Nov 13th

Slides for your perusal


Finally, not quite a “review” but … it’s Meta/Trev:

Island Tech had an all-star cast all it’s own (except for Mike Vardy, who spoke at both!). Kurt Cagle spoke about Peak Oil. Kris Krug spoke about open source in terms of social change. Joshua Mckenty gave some great insight into teams (a personal favorite subject of mine). Bill Weaver spoke of the amazing story of the albatross bird. Raul has even liveblogged a previous recent speech of Bill’s, largely similar to what took place at Island Tech. Finally, Clayton Spark, of Flock, spoke of asynchronous communication. I missed Dave Olson’s talk, but I hear it was awesome. Next time!

Pikchur / Orical / #SXSW panel “fuck stats, …

Pikchur / Orical / #SXSW panel “fuck stats, …

Northern Voice: Fuck Stats, Make Art » Vancouver Blog Miss 604 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Northern Voice: Fuck Stats, Make Art » Vancouver Blog Miss 604 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Letters from Russia preso video from Northern Voice

Letters from Russia preso video from Northern Voice

Letters from Russia preso – video from Northern Voice 2009

NV09 Letters from Russia from Singular Software on Vimeo.

Bruce Sharpe (who co-created an essential bit of software for audio production called Levelator and is an all around nice guy) shepherded a project to crowd-source and prepare quality video of Northern Voice 09 including Letters from Russia.

For more about the spiel and project – plus comments, tweets, blog posts etc. from the talk – visit: Letters from Russia Recap from Northern Voice 09

Here’s Bruce’s intro the Letters from Russia post at 25 Hour Day:

Dave Olson talks about the sources of inspiration, the creative process and publishing your work in this lively mixed-media presentation. Watch this and you’ll understand why Dave has been dubbed a “local cultural artifact”. From Northern Voice 2009. Note: Contains adult language.

And from @brucesharpe on Twitter:

Uncle Weed is in fine form as he illuminates the creative process behind Letters from Russia. From #northernvoice09

He and others – including my buddy Dale – made sure to mic up the presenters and set up a good angle for the shots. As the guy on the other end of the lens, i truly appreciate their work to provide a cool artifact from the preso (although i must admit my shock at seeing my decreasing hair follicles!) – my Mom will likely enjoy it as well ;-).