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“I Saved Latin” signed by Mike Watt and Secondmen

from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ1_fEjhEle/ As a fan of #WesAnderson movies, indie rock and #vinyl, this rare unique gem from @Americanlaundromat was a must have.

Filled with surprises no doubt but, I provided a surprise for #MikeWatt and his #Secondmen at a show at my favourite dive bar #Winters @nocrapontap in #Pacifica California.

After another stunning, breakneck performance in which they played a variety of classic #Minutemen songs with D. Boone’s guitar and vocals handled instead by a man pounding the shit out of a #Hammond B3 organ with a spinning Leslie speaker to boot, and accompanied by a manic drummer who played more like hard free jazz then a rock ‘n’ roll man, I asked them “do you guys remember recording the #RollingStones’ Streetfighting Man?” They replied “yeah like two years ago… but not sure where that ended up…” So I pulled out the black gatefold vinyl to their amazement.

I had a paint marker for them to decorate the album with drumsticks and keyboards and I told him how I caught their show the night before opening for the legendary #punk band #X on their 40th anniversary tour.

Then, CJ the Sasquatch-like owner of #Winters took me upstairs where the kindly Mr. Watt, who is a personal hero and I’ve seen a dozen times in various incarnations over three decades, completed the trifecta by signing it personally to me, #UncleWeed with “much bass”. The signatures smudged due to be abundant beer and pouring rain but makes it all that more unique.

PS #JelloBiafra was at the show – when he was standing next to me I leaned over and said “I am the suede denim secret police, here to steal your uncool niece” of course he got the reference from one of his own #DeadKennedys songs, and exclaimed “I didn’t even have one of those jackets in my hippy days!”… He was wearing a US flag embroidered Western-style shirt which later he layered on a hoodie and a leather jacket when he headed out in a 1963 Plymouth Valiant in the dumping rain. Alas, I forgot my copy of Jello’s first spoken word album “No More Cocoons” so that will wait for another time.

Vinyl tell stories like streaming just can’t.

#VinylOfTheDay #AmericanLaundromat #collectable #Artifact

#vinylgoodtimes Jack Kerouac Spoken Word, 4 LP collection

#Vinyl from a 25-year-old time capsule – disc 2 of 4 #Kerouac #Beat #Literature #SpokenWord #Renegade

from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BK9KHisBz3N/

Dave Olson, Cub Scout – ID badge from 1975-76

Appropriate identification. Can i use this to purchase beer?  Note: Always Dave, rarely ever David.

#CubScout #Canada #Akela #Scouts


Anarchy and Peace and Love Are My Wishes to the World for 2017

#Anarchy #Peace #Love #Reading #NewYear #2016 #2017 #WordsOfTheProphets

Meeting Authour Nick Bantock (of Griffin and Sabine fame)

Who said you should never meet your heroes?

Not too many mixed media masters creating ephemera-laden epistolary literature weaving intriguing mysterious relationships, international intrigue, and postcards. That gets a smile out of this lad – still with a heavy heart. I took my mom’s copy of his book “Griffin and Sabine” and he provided a most wonderful signature with stamps of various kinds. . . . . #Writer #Art #Culture #Mentor #Hero #UncleWeed #NickBantock #Victoria #MixedMedia #Creative #Ephemera #Creativity #Artist #Beards #Glasses #Victoria

Thinking about Mom, snorkelling at Starsand Beach in Guam

Pardon the terrible snapshot of a snapshot through glass but, this made me laugh and shows how intrepid Mom is/was. Here she is snorkelling at Star sand beach club where I toiled as a Japanese speaking club host… yes my job was to make sure people were having a good time on the beach all day and I was very good at it… Brother Anders and her came to visit one day and Mom jumped into all the activities with her usual bravado and enthusiasm.

#Mom #Lauralee #LoveYouForever

Get By with Help from my Pals

Shared with love, no further comment required. You are my jumper cables, yes you. #Hugs #FreeHugs #EndlessHugs #BeardHugs #Kisses #Friends #Survival #I’mKindOfTearingUpRightNow

from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMOlU11BZWx/

Obituary for my beloved Mother, Lauralee Elliott

While I am rather proud of this nice bit of copywriting: creative, concise and accurate, it’s something I wish I never had to write. #Lauralee #LoveYouForever

from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BNs2tDLhIJl/

Woggles from Cub Scouts when Mom was Akela

When my brothers and i were wee lads, our beloved Mom was out cub scout leader. In Canadian (and international) scouting, the leaders of the cub pack are named after characters in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Mom was Akela, Mikki Gladstone was Bagheera, we also had a Baloo and others.

After Mom passed away and the brothers and I were sorting through items, Dan and I assembled a tub of “woggles” which are little sliders designed to hold the kerchief/scarf together around one’s neck. Of course, there is plenty of creativity available for such a device – many are evidenced in this collection.

My beloved heroic Mother. Love you forever. Devastated.