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Phone calls to/for no one (or you perhaps)

Documenting artifacts of the past for the future.

Beige unrelenting present…

Every day brings
An anniversary of something grand
So much promise and vigour
Graceful ambition, earnest yearning
“Don’t let the past affect the future”
Sound so easy
Until the beige unrelenting present
Brings another morning of pain

Series of paintings featuring funiculars…

Funiculaire(s)… those little railroads which transport people up challenging hills within cities or mountains. About 4/5 passes of paint on the each – you can see the buildup process…

Just a little Guestbook / Scrapbook project…

Unknown, Future


3 sleds of interest

Hats, collected & assembled – Would you care to wear?

Step thru, to another side. Not saying better, worse…

… or whatever, but times change and time changes, thus making forward momentum mostly mandatory.