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Heading Out with Weed and Trout – Postcard #1

Postcard from Gravelly Beach – Sri Lanka post office

In podcast Volume 1, DaveO reads from his original “Uncle Weed’s Red Rock Adventure” plus a snippet from Richard Brautigan’s “Trout Fishing in America” and introduces the spoken word literature show thusly:

“Postcards from Gravelly Beach” is an occasionally-brewed podshow featuring spoken word with bits of literary discourse and maybe some tunes from time to time. I’ll read a little something of my own – a short story, essay, letters or maybe some free verse and also read something by someone else, likely a literary favourite from over the years – maybe even tying into a theme of some kind – or maybe not, we’ll see what happens. Mostly Postcards from Gravelly Beach podcast is about chillaxing with a beverage, digging the view in front of you, and listening to something new.”

Pull on boots for Heading Out with Weed and Trout – Postcard #1 (8:48, 8MB, stereo.mp3)

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Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe

A collection of short, haiku-type poems written by DaveO between Tottori, Japan and Olympia, Washington between 1992-2004, called “Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe.”

Download Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe (.pdf)

Grandma in the hills near Saji Tottori Japan - Obaasan
a Japanese
Obaasan (Grandma) in the hills near Saji-san, Tottori-ken, Japan