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Olympic Social Media Guidelines Muzzle Athletes

Olympic Social Media Guidelines Muzzle Athletes

“Was London 2012 or Vancouver 2010 the First Social Media Olympics?” from Vancouver Sun

Former VANOC communications chief Graeme Menzies compiled opinions after he asked, “Vancouver vs. London: who hosted first social media Olympics?” as part of an article in Vancouver Sun on July 24, 2012 called “Vancouver was home to the first social media Olympics, not London

Why Social Media Will Reshape the 2012 Olympics – Mashable

Why Social Media Will Reshape the 2012 Olympics – Mashable

Festive Flashbacks from Orion to Nelson ~ Choogle On! #99

Hustling to a bus, Uncle Weed ends the festive period with vaporization session and recounts highlights, hi-jinks and life remixes from 2010 including gut surgery, True North Media House social reporting at the Olympics including Olympic Outsider podcasts, Subpop Records, Hockey Hall of Fame, SXSW, Komasket Music Festival, UW40 party, Halloween at the Waldorf hotel, visits from friends, and then a decompression road trip to Nelson with forays to ferries, hot springs and local organic beers. Ends with clumsy thanks to the Chooglers who had my back during the past year.

Musical interludes including an skat/vocal rendition of a Charlie Parker tune by Nico from Savage Blade.

See also Best Year in Years ~ 2010 Flashback blog post including more 2010 highlights a video from the aforementioned ferry ride.

Sit on the park bench for Festive Flashback from Orion to Nelson – Choogle On! #99 (.mp3, 30MB, 23:49)

Festive Flashbacks from Orion to Nelson - Choogle On! #99


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One Year After Olympics on News 1130 – Olympic Outsider #30

TNMHLeading up to the 1 year anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, I appeared in a short segment on a Vancouver radio station News 1130 for  an Olympic flashback series to examine the legacies + discussed social media as a whole and covering the Games.

Listen: One Year After Olympics on News 1130 – Olympic Outsider #30 (.mp3, 3:13, 3MB)

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News 1130 for  an Olympic flashback series to examine the legacies of the Games.

Blurb: I discussed social media as a whole and covering the Games through the True North Media House project – plus  the impending With Glowing Hearts movie premiere. In the short clip, I included brief anecdotes about reliving the fun, documenting and storytelling, and how social media can provide depth and breadth to provide more attention to more stories beyond the “official” IOC/VANOC story.

See An Olympic anniversary on the News1130 Midday Show for the article and audio clips, ergo:

  • VP of Tourism Vancouver Paul Vallee speaks live with News1130 anchors Rob Freeman and Erin Loxam
  • 24 Hours’ Bob Mackin speaks live with News1130 anchors Rob Freeman and Erin Loxam
  • John Mills with the Richmond Oval speaking live on News1130 with anchors Rob Freeman and Erin Loxam
  • Vancouver blogger Dave Olson speaks with News1130 about the role of social media during the 2010 Games
  • Keith Bennett, the president and CEO of Whistler Sports Legacies, talks to News1130 about the Sliding Centre
  • The CEO of “Own the Podium” Alex Bauman speaks with News1130’s Erin Loxam and Rob Freeman

Blurb: VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – This week, we’re marking the one year anniversary of the day the OlympicCauldron was lit.

After years and years of planning and excitement, the massive two-week sporting event didn’t disappoint.  But what kind of legacy did it leave behind?

This week on the News1130 Midday Show we’re looking at the Olympic legacy.  Did the Games bring in the much-talked-about the economic boost?

This afternoon, we’ll talk to Own the Podium CEO Alex Baumann. Listen to the live interview at 1 p.m.

Own the podium. Actually, really… via VIAwesome

Own the podium. Actually, really, for reals own it for $39.99. | VIAwesome By Bob Kronbauer – February 14, 2011

Chris Walts, myself and Dave Olson. Photo by Kris Krug on Flickr

This past weekend the streets of downtown Vancouver were blocked off to celebrate the one year anniversary of the 2010 Olympics. Later today I’m going to tell you all about the street hockey game that I played in on Granville Street but first I’ll skip to the end of it and how I ended up standing on the very podium that Alexandre Bilodeau accepted his gold medal on. I’m pretty sure our team lost but still somehow I ended up standing atop this thing. Whaaaat?

Via James Wallace’s thisisacollective.com Newsletter

my2010adventure.com – Aleks revels in Olympic Fever!

Aleks was armed with his digital camera, a flip video camera, and his TNMH self accreditation. His is aim was to visit everything and anything that was free.

In the end he built an online / offline pool of memories that will last him and his family a lifetime. Aleks’ understanding of technology and media is astounding and the experience made him an incredibly confident young guy.

The experience has left a lasting impression on him and he is planning his next online project.

Visit my2010adventure.com >
View Aleks’ Flickr photos >
See his YouTube Videos >

Media Accreditation Denied from London 2012 Olympics

For the record.

————- Forwarded message —————
From: Riley D. <redacted address>
Date: 2010/12/17
Subject: London 2012 press accreditation
To: “dave@truenorthmediahouse.com” <dave@truenorthmediahouse.com>

Dear Dave,

On behalf of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), we regret to inform
you that we are unable to fulfill your request for media accreditation
for the 2012 Olympic Games at this time, due to the high number of
requests received and the limited number of accreditations available.

Should you have any questions regarding the press accreditation
process for the 2012 Olympic Games please feel free to contact myself
or Caroline Sharp at (613) 244-2020, csharp@olympic.ca.

Thank you for your submission and for your interest in covering the
Canadian Olympic Team at the London 2012 Olympic Games.


Riley Denver

Communications Coordinator │Coordinateur, Communications

Canadian Olympic Committee │Comité olympique canadien

21 St. Clair Ave. E., Suite 900, Toronto, ON, Canada M4T 1L9

Tel / Tél:  (416) 324-4143 │ Fax / Télé: (416) 967-4902

You can find the Canadian Olympic Team on both Facebook (Canadian
Olympic Team) and Twitter (CDNOlympicTeam)

For the fire within

animés par le feu sacré

Les médias sociaux en 2010 – Blog du modérateur

Les médias sociaux en 2010 – Blog du modérateur

Abandon Normal Devices – Olympics from Vancouver to London

Tips and Ideas for Archiving your Vancouver Games Coverage

At the event the guys will be talking about Vancouver 2010 and citizen media specifically the True North Media House. To create some momentum and to feature your stuff during their presentation the team is putting out a call to “Document your Documentation” and reflect on your personal True North Media House, Vancouver, the Olympics and all the fun we had, content we created and things we learned.

Presentation @warwickuni for @cwsmc – #media2012, citizen media and the Olympic Games


Warwick Social Media Cafe (at the International Digital Lab at Warwick University) to speak about my research around independent media centres, the Olympic games and the forthcoming launch of the #media2012 blueprint at the Cornerhouse (part of Abandon Normal Devices festival) in Manchester on the 4th of October. The prezi for the talk is below – as well as some more details about event and concept itself. The blueprint (and updates to the plans) are available on my PhD supervisor’s website (Prof. Andy Miahhttp://bit.ly/media2012)


Along with Andrew Lavinge, we’ll connect via Skype to talk about what we learned. Here are my nortes;

Dave will discuss a few key tactical thoughts learned from organizing the True North Media House including self-accreditation,
unformal-izing organizations, collaborative workflow, open communication, setting expectations, providing resources, nuanced
communication, herding cats, working with PR firms (really), power of hash, advanced network/RSS tools – and making sure you have fun.

Attention World!! You are invited to join us at the With Glowing Hearts Unfestival 2010 presented by W2 Storyeum!

What’s an Unfestival? Well, it’s what you do when you don’t get into the big film festival in town (September 30th – October 15th) but you’re still pretty sure that there are a bunch of people out there who want to see what you’re making.   So we’re giving you a chance to see a ”work-in-progress” cut of the film, as well as getting involved in some fundraising to help us complete it.  We’ll have an exciting variety of silent auction items for you to bid on, as well as an opportunity to become a  ’producer’ on the film and have input into the final version!  We’re also excited because the screening has been scheduled to coincide with a similar preview taking place atAbandon Normal Devices, a festival of new cinema and digital culture in London, England.