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Chronicling Interesting Boulders – Postcard #55

Chronicling Interesting Boulders

Alongside raging Lynn Creek, Dave remarks about boulders which are indeed interesting as the sign pointed out, then reads a haibun about books and statues on a curly maple shelf, and poems about buying hardware and fruit in Bucerias, mysterious curves and clouds, and solace for weary delirious travelers, while Wm. Lenker sings the traditional folksong Moonshiner (Rye Whiskey).

Perch yourself atop a rock for Chronicling Interesting Boulders – Postcard #55 (.mp3, 16:35, 15MB)

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Post-apocalyptic Skunks and Fevers – Postcard #54

Post-apocalyptic Skunks and Fevers

From a skunk-scented perch along Mosquito Creek, Dave spiels about feverish dreams in a Mexican clinic, personal archeology, mirages about the Wonder Hotel, and reads verse about late trains, dammed rivers, watching ships, and men in white coats walking past.

Take your vitamins for Post-apocalyptic Skunks and Fevers – Postcard #54 (.mp3, 16:35, 15MB)

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Howling at Land and Sea – Postcards #53

Howling at Land and SeaVisiting the Woodshop on Steamboat Island amidst hayfever and national holidays, Dave and Wm. Lenker exchange spontaneous musical freeverse tales of Pennsylvania, Agana Harbour (Guam), Jericho Beach (Vancouver), and Lake Crescent (Washington) while wounded Samson howls along.

Weigh anchor for Howling at Land and Sea – Postcard #53 (.mp3, 17:51, 16MB)

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Banjo Sea Shanties and Beat Train Rambles – Postcard #51

Banjo Sea Shanties and Beat Train Rambles

Starting at the Steamboat Island Woodshed, Dave rambles salty original freeverse with Wm. Lenker on banjo and traces personal poetic lineage winding through French impressionalist/symbolist and Brittany sea-coaster Tristan Corbière (prefaced by Victor Hugo).

Then – as sleet, slush and hail beats down on the Mosquito Creek studio skylight – rolls into the beat American 50s and 60s with John Sinclair‘s chronicle Brilliant Corners, Jack Kerouac riding trains from Atop an Underwood, and Gary Snyder arriving from sea from The Backcountry ~ fortified with jazz, joints and hot sake.

Hunker down for Banjo Sea Shanties and Beat Train Rambles – Postcard #51

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Poetic Ghosts of New Years Past – Postcard #50

long boat on new year's day

An aural montage of past new years’ evenings featuring Dave O reading from Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” next to crackling cabin woodstove on Pender Island (note scratching dog and someone with a stuffy nose), followed by a latenight freeverse message to Napoleon, a languid tale recorded in a garage about a bewildering New Years Eve in Japan, and finally a poetic nugget of memory and hope for the future.

Come for a visit with the Poetic Ghosts of New Years Past – Postcards #50 (.mp3, 22:25, 18MB)

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Peace to Soldiers and Strangers – Postcard #48

Back home on the North Vancouver porch, Dave reads from Clay Mcleod’s essay Why I Don’t Wear a Poppy while sending peace and resistance towards the decent lieutenant Magnum in Iraq and the Philippines along with earnest comrades at arms and peaceful strangers in war torn lands. Plus he admonishes the Canadian Legion for blocking the sale of white poppies while banjo-ist Wm. Lenker sings from the woodshed and The Grateful Dead leave this Brokedown Palace … on my hands and my knees, I will roll roll roll …

Sit for a spell with Peace to Soldiers and Strangers – Postcard #48 (.mp3, 16:58, 13MB)

Thanks to:

Clay Mcleod, “Why I Don’t Wear a Poppy” from the TheTyee.ca, Nov. 9 2005

Grateful Dead, Brokedown Palace, Dec. 06 ’92, Tempe AZ, (Hunter/Garcia)

Wm. Lenker recorded in his Steamboat Island woodshed by Uncle Weed

Meganpru for album photo (this peacelovin’ woman rolls in the volksvegan)

Bread the producer for albumart design


Canadian Legion hassling the Peace Pledge Union folks about selling White Poppies

Be sure to order white poppies early (shipped across the Atlantic) and read the loquacious discourse on this most critical of topics. Make no mistake, the way to honour ultimate sacrifice is to ensure no such future bloodshed is required from man’s inability to get along. And we (all of us) have a right to respect the fallen in a manner which suits our conscience and not a method prescribed by the Legion or anyone else.

Here’s Peace Pledge’s quick overview:Cenotaph in Vancouver

Last year The Royal Canadian Legion through it legal representative demanded that Canadian groups stop distribution them and that the PPU stop making white poppies available in Canada, or else. That was the gist, though expressed in more formal language. According to the RCL’s legal representatives, the white poppy infringes the Legion’s poppy trademark. The PPU replied at length; our central point was that we disagreed with their argument. We have not heard from them since but the Canadian shop at the centre of this complaint regrettably had to acquiesce. You can read more about this at http://tinyurl.com/2mc7pq where you can also find out about the white poppy project and the PPU.

Following the legal threats both the promoters in Canada and Canadians who bought the poppy from us hoped that white poppies would again be available in Canada this year.

White poppies in any quantity are available from us for dispatch anywhere in the world including Canada.

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Geological Storytime with Sheep – Postcard #40

Down on Lenker’s farm, Dave O checks in on the animal inventory and riffs his own freeverse poetry on canyon exploration, a groaning generation and tense search for authenticity and truth re-mixed with Bill’s Pennsylvanian poetics about frost heaves and nurturing life accompanied with his salty guitar jamble.

Then, in the woodshed, Dave tells a story about a blissful moment of time in Peliliu, Palau – where under the southern cross, everything stopped – while lambs, dogs, rams and a dead chicken go about their lives, seemingly unaware of the literature spieling or the-soon-to-blossom magnolia tree.

Dig into Geological Storytime with Sheep – Postcard #40 (11.6MB, .mp3, 20:06)

Postcards from Gravelly Beach literature podcast

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Edited and mixed by Bread the Producer

Call this one Dave

Sea Rescue Spontineity from the Woodshop – Postcard #35

helpful water taxiAlong with Mr. Lenker of Steamboat Island and his guitar, large hounds and varied livestock, Dave reads poems Refined, Not Created and Aye Carpathia, while Bill sings about the Man with a Rebel Soul – followed by Dave reading This and That with guitar improvisation from deep in the woodshop studio.

Listen to “Sea Rescue Spontineity from the Woodshop” (.mp3 17:16)

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Henry in Galacia from the Woodshed – Postcard #26

This sixth (and possibly final) installment of the Woodshed Session again features Bill Lenker’s guitar stylings and singing, and me comtemplating the edge of the Earth with Henry the Navigator.

Europa 2005

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Curiousity in Rainstorms from the Woodshed – Postcard #25

Woodshed session extract number 5 choogles along with a free verse extravaganza with Bill Lenker playing on the guitar and singing inbetwixt as I spiel forth words, memories, ideas and rhyhmes – topics include George Washington bridge, Providence, postcards to friends, and going nowhere.
old man and a tree
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