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Ocean Haze

Ocean haze gives way
To Orion stringing his bow
To hunt hearts and wild boar
For a cappuccino empress
So divine she must me Nepali

The earnest one encourages perspective
Unforced and transcending documentation
To story to art to community
The pinnacle of us all
All of us

The landscape defines culture
Culture determines our fate
We evolved slowly from the mountaintops
Now deep undersea
Awaiting earthquakes

We slip over depth sounding
To gauge the draft
Through a gauntlet
Or derrick isles
Freighters preferred to skirt
Ransom-seeking buccaneers
Laden with weapons from a
Floating armory

Pistachios for Bedouins

Pistachios for Bedouins
Origins delineated by headscarves
Indications of savagery
Evidence of restraint

Ancestors exactly one hundred years ago
When marshes were laden with water fowl
And the deserts were undrained

The driest valleys
Criss crossed by salt water canals
Providing Sultanic dhows
Passageways to escape
The confines of destiny
And loneliness

Escape tyranny of washing plates
Just throw overboard
Settle next to treasure
And sunken containers
On the ocean floor

Rainy Mystery Alley

For reasons i don’t understand myself
I dream of downtowns i will never visit
I prefer to exist in tiny villages with a
Efficient post office, perfect cafe and bakery
Next to a bookshop with stationary
Fresh pencils and inky pens

But when i try (i only try) to sleep
Rocked by tracks or waves
Or a simulation of above
I am high collared coat and
Woolen scarf
Lost in a city i am unsure about

Devoid of knowledge or expectations
Tucking down alleys so narrow
I can touch each side
Intuition leads me to a diner or bar
With 8 seats or less
A barman asks me to finish a top-shelf bottle
So he can finally restock
Entirely impolite not to oblige

A lady en route to work asks me nervously
And tells me her real name without request
Immigrant dishwasher asks for five for a smoke
On the rainy stoop

Favorite music i’ve never heard
Faded enka ballads, and low fado
Improvised bass notes
From the Arco hotel

When i leave, only the lights gently undim,
As a gracious hint
Misty rain invariably falls
I steady with a cane rather than an umbrella
Which simply neglects the senses
Of acute tactility

Neither warm nor chill
Wool and silk release a fragrance
Of countryside hounds
And afternoon farm toil
The trousers are pressable to show again
A crisp crease and a scarf doubles as a hint
Of elegance and distracts from leather boots,
Muddied atop polish from a dirt road monsoon of
The non-fiction chapter of erstwhile reality


I dream of nowhere
My homing instinct is disappeared
Friends i suppose
But to what end?

Simplicity if includes
Conflicts resolved
easy pleasure

I miss nowhere and no one
I’ve stopped missing myself
Resigned to something like weakness
Or strength of another kind

I dream of notebooks
Crisp pages, inky pens
Taken by someone to transform
Into something grander

I sit alone with pen
Words come easy
But the amplification
Is not mine

Occasionally Free

My half life
Is the better part of me
up to you entirely
which half you want to see

Stolen library books
Or loud guitars
I exist
Somewhere in between

Diamonds and dungaree
Top floor hotels
Or a flophouse squat
Something in a middle path
On a train or out to sea

Weirdness follows along
Wherever i wander and roam
Tiniest palm islands
Or festival jamboree

Trails up mountains
Without a map
Trying to get lost
Cities with no language
Means or currency

My skills are entirely impractical
Sitting in patio cafes
Writing letters to loves i never knew
And drinking watery tea

I’ve minted banknotes on vellum
Carved ink stamps in balsa wood
And manufactured clandestine postage stamps
Printed in Singapore

Who will you choose when we meet
Out here on the globe
Will you recognize my face
As a friend or
Consider me an enemy

Three miles sideways
Just a couple of pals
Perhaps a lover and a best friend
Rotating walk-on characters
In a dramatic documentary comedy

Will you cast me in yours
If i perform well in your required auditions?

Scars from stingrays
A list of broken bones
Initials carved on noble trees
Scrapbooks full of secrets

I’ve heard of something called a home
But not sure where i left it
You ask me where i’m from “from”
I ask you where we are

Observe the world with binoculars
But a monocle shows more clear
Usually hidden behind dark glasses
To hide my joyful tears

Shortwave radio brings me
News from a decade or four ago
Explorers gone before me
Charting meandering paths
Pointing the longest way
To warmth and mystery

Maybe i can be the one
Who inspires or perhaps
Breaks you out of everyday
You are whoever you choose
As though i know
When reality suggests
I know a little except
How to be occasionally free

Rome, Lonely

In a bar named for Bukowski
With kisses on cheeks for all
Excepting me of course
Anonymous as an empty wall

A beat down wanderer
Forgotten in eternal places
With candle wax on wine bottles
Espresso in martini glasses

Mirrors reflect arty photos
Of curvy/bushy Italians nudes
Next to the usual movie posters
Audrey exquisite as she broods

Haven’t heard a bluebird call
Over constant squelching siren
Distant choir interludes and
Swiss guards ordering me to run

Skipped the Sistine Chapel
And internient related dogma
Head instead to a tiny post office
Send a postcard of my mind
Pet the stray cats begging
By a red checkered table
Where i alternate small cigars
And large glassses
Of cheap red wine

Hippie and Hemp credentials are/were never in need of validation, however…

My #Hippie and #Hemp credentials are/were never in need of validation, however… for your consideration, may I present a portrait of a much younger #UncleWeed at a #HempFest near #Nelson, #BC circa 1993. Had just returned to another journey around #Japan and spent the summer selling him bags and juggling sticks at various festivals, concerts and street corners.

not all prophets write on the subway cars

Some of these notes are truth – indeed not all #prophets write on the subway cars, some choose cardboard or other substrates yet the medium & message are equally compelling the message is the medium .

Special affection for these diligent healers

Career opportunities: professional hugger and/or notary public.
Special affection for these diligent healers who kindly welcomed and looked after a beat-down aging lad in a far-flung foreign land.

Global launch portal for postcards…

Launch portal for postcards – I’ve sent over 60 this last month or so… But not from these boxes per se (thought in some cases, yes).  Note: The deliveries rate is not exceptional – not sure whether to blame the postal services, my handwriting or modern times. Regardless, each written with affection for humankind and with loving compassion for those who will receive it… eventually…