Napoleon Conversation

Hey Napoleon in your caskets
why did you hafta mess it up
it’s not that i’ve reason to care
here on top of your arch of triumpaht celebrating the farmers, dead bastards
buried cold, scattered families told to feel pride as your consolation prize
did you feel unloved or just condescended
you under willow tree squared up in st helena’s rocks
was it ever enough
when did you plan to stop?

perhaps in your next circuit
we have a baquette and talk about the good times, you know them all
listed in marble next to your heaving pompitude
over wine on the Siene
tell me when the fire started
when did you know?

just a couple answers for me because i’m greedy too
thirsty for life
questing for quiet and paints over battlefields and
coerced congratulations
did you not realize the power of restraint?
the art of deflection?
now on champs im’ not sure
your reflecting face
at odds with the deriliction
now where you are
do you room with caeser or the saints?