Healing: feeling discouraged, wiped out and canceling everything (but fck me, im trying)

Before: Note to self, tomorrow is neurologist check in day at the big city hospital so remember to get a good night sleep #ha {and it’s a good thing you’re laying down right now}. #okayama #mecfs #pwme

Sometimes it gets lonely feeling lost but having a book (and my family waiting) is the key

^^ [Unrelated Edward Hopper painting]

Wishing you all high-thread-count sheets, ideal assortment of pillows, and comfortable bed for sweet dreams nights tonight. I’ll think about my outfit for tomorrow hospital visit. gn wonders

Next day: At #Okayama hospital for periodic check-in for MECFS >> it’s more “administrative“ and re-upping some mild prescriptions as really “nothing can be done“ >> nine years in this week :( and feeling wiped out – and bit blue – about it all

#pwme #shoes #blues #millionsmissing

Later: Gosh, I’m just emotionally drained from it all… Got through it, now waiting to pick up the ‘scrips, might’ve cried a little bit in the hallway… It’s not a calm place although they try. Yes, I am delicate and sensitive. There’s just really “nothing to be done”…

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Items (from archive): mountain flyers, rock newspaper clippings etc.

Did some sortganizing in the archive & took a few quick snaps of interesting items, snip’d, collect’d, curat’d.

Now into plastic sleeves and binders of personal archaeology and inspiration. None of these by themselves are “important“ and it’s not any kind of complete collection on any certain topic, but they’re all *just* decorations accumulated throughout my life which collectively, colour in the white space.

Ergo, evidence: (brief annotations in captions)

Firstly and importantly, a calendar from a great Mexican restaurant in Provo, appropriately permanently forever in July/August 1991 one of the weirdest summers of my life (and that’s saying something) #FishTacos
Flyer for a (church)?group hike up Timpanogos 11,750 in Utah Valley, prob 1987/8
Mudhoney in Weekly Volcano 2005 / As for “still rockin’” now in 2022 they’re on tour with the meat puppets, just in studio recording another album, consistently putting out great music, and this article in 2005 was 17 years from the release of “Superfuzz Bug Muff” and 17 years till now.
Mike Watt 2011 / Legend just completed a massive 43 date to her, got back and immediately started on another live project while also putting out frequent podcasts, a book of photography etc. etc.
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Snaps: 4 views of Olympia, Greece (beverages and so on), 2017

These photos surfaced when I mailed a postcard to a friend of a painting of a postbox juxtaposed by a café table in Olympia, Greece 2017.

Painting juxtaposing a post box with a café table and snack plate in Olympia, Greece

As such, found the inspiration shots and then found the geo-location and Google Earth screenshot where you can see the same proprietor photo of the below, sitting in the chair where I sat making the painting. It’s all very recursive.

As it goes, this café is the exact measured point for the “Olympia, Greece“ (not Olympia, Washington) direction on my sign post.

Diary: 2000 kisses for Ichiro

Amidst my ridiculous illness #MECFS i’m doing my very best to be a very good papa. Bathtime with Ichiro every night is the highlight of my existence.

Anyhow, picked up this book with a recommendation by Jim canary just thinking well… “I’m doing this, maybe I should get better“ and in my brief reading of it so far, I got to say I’m doing a lot of things right. I know everyone parents differently, but we all sleep in one big bed together, bond in the bathtub, lots of positive reinforcement, try *very hard* not to lose my temper (mostly when he dumps things on the floor as kind of an “oopa!” at the dinner table), teach him about tidying up, he likes to play with rakes, brooms and shovels, and he knows that sometimes I have a hard time and need to rest.

We also take the trash down to the corner together, water plants, planted a few things in the garden, eat berries off the tree, kick a ball around, learn about being careful crossing roads, his birthday is coming up so I think about getting him a balance bike. Of course mom is his favorite but I’m a pretty solid top 4 draft pick.

Note: sometimes feel that i’m a little behind on my usual excess posting pictures but we’re just kind of “into the regular thick of it” and while he’s a very well documented child but, as he develops more and more of his “own self” he just sort of blends in with the “usual diary musings” in the splendor of regular life of our power trio.

Musing: Painted into corner (of a blank canvas) #video

Spontaneous riff with usual lousy video and dodgy audio but solid stories

Diary musings including: brain fog; trips to Shimane and Kyoto (Minka Summit); pals Ted and Ed and a big dog; recent books (Alex Kerr, Robert Whiting, Miles Copeland, Dave Bidini) + classic Japonica books; ++ sorting out my head about “what comes next” (answer equals anything; seitai treatment; MECFS awareness (and other awarenesses month); sortganzing ephemera; new records, old records; how are you? etc – all from kura barn a spontaneous rambling blur on another sunny day in Okayama.

Accidentally features Leonard Cohen and Mxmtoon.

Did you notice my sweet black globe and green ship lantern?

Post’d etc: recent postcards, poetry book and hand-delivered books

Slightly mysterious Richard Brautigan postcard, postcard from a boxer in Gifu, lovely poetry book from a generational writer in Utah with block prints and stamps
A brilliant anthropologist’s book about technology for kids, a four-color-process fanzine with bleeds, a beautifully produced poetry book (i want you to make one like this), a patch for my jacket or blanket, a packet of coffee prepared in a mailable satchel
Tired but inspired, documenting the undocumentable in an otherwise anonymous side street

Do you send postcards to yourself? I lovely way to document your own trip and in this case especially, acquire cancellations from a significant location / historic Gion, Kyoto (noting the last opportunity for having a classic “pillar“ postbox in front rather than a more contemporary box unit)

mixed-media art library, global diary, project dossier and whole life documentation