Advising + Boards

I advise companies of various kinds from time to time and/or sit on boards of directors / advisors to bring my veteran experience leading unique businesses and creative projects.

Need help building a culture for your company? Let’s discuss.

Dave Olson, creative social marketing pioneer
My eyes light up at the thought of helping your project
(photo Andrew Olson at a tamale resto in LV, NV)

Indeed, I’m a pioneer (yup, i said it) of social marketing, creative community building, and combining analog and digital for special results.

*Specialities* include: starting story, activating community, media relationships, internationalizing, ace copywriting, and fostering unique culture. 

Rates start at a thrifty $200/USD/hr with 10/hr minimum. For $1500/USD/mo + stock, I’ll be part of your board of directors or advisory board. Let’s discuss

Big hits include: Hootsuite, Rain City Studios and OlyWa – other solid successes: Happyfrog, Movieset and small businesses from distilleries to rock bands. Besides “business”, loads of creative community projects, spectacular speaking gigs, and media outreach on an eclectic variety of topics.

I generally work as a contractor and receive compensation (stipend and stock etc) for my detailed contributions and prefer advising and/or higher-ed mentoring programs. Other times can work more informally on an ad hoc basis BUT must believe in the project and only work with nice folks. No jerks.

For the record, here’s a list for recent gigs since retiring from “day jobs”:

  • Bluebox
  • Rouxbe
  • Giftbit (formerly Kiind)
  • Sons of Vancouver Distillery
  • Rural Caprine Farm 
  • Dr. Erikson, TCM
  • The Matinée (rock band)
  • Blackbird Provisioning

Hit any of them up for their opinion of my contributions. 

[Eventually will put recommendations here] In the meanwhile, see:

mixed-media art library, global diary, project dossier and whole life documentation