Vapo-Hookah Royal Sampler – Choogle On! #47

Vapo-Hookah Royal Sampler - Choogle on

On a rainyday porch, Uncle Weed and Herr Funboy field test and rate a Vapo-Cannon Vaporizer, pimp Heads magazine and UW’s Tokes on the Porch blog and offering bribes and shout outs to iTunes reviewers before moving onto a session with a prancing horse hookah from Baghdad while sampling Renee, Lui, and Sugar Mango, Bubble Gum and other fine BC ganja. 

Fire up Vapo Hookah Royal Sampler – Choogle on #47 (.mp3, 25:07, 23MB)


  • The Volcano Song – The Budos Band via KEXP SotD podcast
  • Such a Lovely Thing – DeVotchKa via KEXP SotD podcast
  • wild crafted street music from Greek Days festival in Vancouver

Bonus: Tokes on the Porch blog thanks to Lt. Magnum

How to assemble a Hookah


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