Bonus: Poetic Stories about Goalies – Postcards from Gravelly Beach podcast

Bonus: Poetic Stories about Goalies – Postcards from Gravelly Beach podcast
Bonus: Poetic Stories about Goalies – Postcards from Gravelly Beach podcast

Poet Randall Maggs discusses his book “Night Work” about the troubled soul of legendary hockey goalie Terry Sawchuk plus the nuances of story-telling, conversations with goaltenders, Sawchuk’s Ukrainian heritage and convergence of history and hockey with host Dave Thorvald Olson at the Robson Square covered outdoor rink in Vancouver following a poetry reading promoted by publisher Brick Books. 

Lace em up for: Poetic Stories about Goalies – Postcard #62 (.mp3, 36:02, 33MB, stereo)

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  • The Drive-by Truckers “Daddy Needs a Drink” live 2007-07-17 – World Cafe Live via
  • The Black Tories “Cleft Palette”
  • Various crowd recordings from 2010 Winter Olympics games



From Hockey Hall of Fame by Dave

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Maggs and Bachinsky, poets ~ Photo by Sean Cranbury

More Mr. Maggs

Randall Maggs’ Vancouver history:

“On the Vancouver question, that is my birthplace and, though I haven’t lived there in a long while, I still think of it as home. The Canucks are my team. Over the years I have travelled back to the city often to visit my relatives and family. My grandparents lived in South Burnaby off Kingsway pretty much all their adult lives, my grandfather being a millwright and playing an important role in building many of the lumber mills in and around the city. A couple of summers ago my mother and I were having lunch on a terrace on Granville Island and my mother pointed out the remnants of one of my grandfather’s mills. Even after his retirement he’d be called back in to solve a problem that university-trained engineers couldn’t handle. He’d give mill officials fits, scrambling up long ladders long past the age of 80. I attended grade school in South Burnaby, I think Strathmillan School. After her years of following my Air Force father back and forth across the country, my mother went home to live in Surrey and White Rock where she lives at present. My son has been living out there as much as in Newfoundland for most of the past dozen years, having done an MA in Piano Performance with Jane Coop at UBC and working on his PhD in the Arts and Sustainability with John Robinson at UBC.”  

Interviewing poet Randall Maggs at robson square

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