Cabin Dreams on Little Bay ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #5

Now from the north side of Jamaica at Queen’s Cottage, Uncle Weed recounts the aftermath of a wasp bite with recollections from 3 days in a daze including time with Leo of Little Bay, ganja trips with Fire and Foot, kayak to Bob Marley’s swimming hole, and waking dreams with crickets and frogs soundtrack whilst surviving minor storms, enjoying aloe vera rubdowns, grabbing gossamer plotlines, and notes about food callioou, aki and salt fish, plantains, jerk chicken plus various observations of renegades catching the dream, growing roots and sharing adventures.

Dive into the hole for Cabin Dreams in Little Bay ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #5 (.mp3, stereo, 128kbps, 42:45)

Cabin Dreams in Little Bay

Music Snippet: Bob Marley “Keep on Moving” and Desmond Dekker “Intensified”


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