Field Notes from Elsewhere – Choogle On! #121

Field Notes from Elsewhere – Choogle On! #121
Field Notes from Elsewhere – Choogle On! #121

Embarking on meandering natural healing journey around Asia, Indian sub-continent, Arabia, Mediterranean, across Canada, US rocky mountain canyons, and to Grateful Dead anniversary shows while emerging from a fog after chronic and complex illness diagnosis resulting in lost years due to prescription meds. 

Hit the golden road for: Field Notes from Elsewhere – Choogle On! #121 (160k .mp3, 105MB, 1:03:20)

Now, rebuilding after period of de-identification, I’m sharing stories into the world again – plus riffs about upcoming dispatches, other audio/video projects, annoyance about former prosecutors / cops / “carpetbaggers” getting into nascent legal cannabis industry… and hence, the importance of recognizing hemp pioneers.


Background soundscapes from a balcony in Istanbul, trail in Nepal, cafe in Rome, Whiskey Hickon Boys (from Utah) in Chicago and others in Grateful Dead lot + Lazarus by The Black Tories.

And i misspoke saying “Desolation Row” when i obviously meant “When i Paint my Masterpiece” – drrr

photo by Daveo

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Stories to Enjoy

HempenRoad – 1996/7 documentary about commercial industrial hemp with activists (including recently departed Dennis Peron), scientists and entrepreneurs

Practical Guide to Cannabis – guide for policy makers made with Hemp Ed in WA state circa 1997

Postcards from Gravelly Beach – spoken word literature/poetry pod series exploring beats writers like Kerouac, Snyder, Ginsberg et al who were nascent cannabis enthusiasts

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