Japanese Mountain Satori Time – Choogle on #48

Japanese Mountain Satori Timesnaps by Uncle Weed, Tottori and Nagano, Nihon 1992

A hemp-ed up guide to conscious travel in Japan as Uncle Weed (on the hoof) waxes nostalgic about backcountry squatting in abandoned villages with graves with offerings, wild mushrooms and counter-culture festivals. He relays practical tips on getting around the islands, finding hidden cannabis culture and exploring the natural beauty from sacred sites and hemp fields in Shikoku to high in the Nagano Mountains to wild ganja harvest in Hokkaido – features some unique Okinawan folk music. 

Ikimasho! Japanese Mountain Satori Time – Choogle on #48 (.mp3, 15:34, 14MB)

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Published in Cannabis Culture magazine (#13 & Best of …), the Journal of International Hemp Association (V.4 N.1) as well as excerpted in several books including Hemp Horizons, Hemp for Victory and “Hanp” from Norway. Zen Rambling in Japan in Heads (VOL.6 ISS.04: The Travel/Japan Issue)

Zen Rambling in Japan - Heads magazine cover

Uncleweed on Dopefiend’s Dopecast #80 (spieling on more about Japan and other countries)

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