Longboard Hockey for Four Twenty ~ Choogle On! #37

On assignment for Heads Magazine, Uncle Weed heads to a undisclosed location in the wee hours to witness Longboard Hockey League action. Check in with the Guy who longboarded across Canada for breasts, LHL scoring champ King Brian, some 9-0 Meathheads, a guy with a banana board, Natasha the goalie, Coastlongboarding ringleader Striker, and tokers from Chilliwack to North Van plus hears the legend of the Chanley Cup and a preview of the action packed Danger Bay race and fest in May.

Longboard Hockey for Four Twenty ~ Choogle On! #37 (.mp3, 35:11, 40MB)

KK+ rocking the killer snaps, Kdon on the mic, CousinHerb rolling the big ones

Edited and Produced:
Bread the Producer

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Dayglo Abortions – Just can’t Say No To Drugs
J.F.A. – Walk Don’t Run
J.F.A. – Skateboard

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