Market Day and Lobster Man ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #7

Sparking a morning joint, Uncle Weed recounts a skiff boat reef trip with Harold, acquiring lobster from John Wesley – member of The Silverlights – house band of Leroy’s bar, breaks down lobster physiology, discusses geo-cultural differences between parishes & regions, reviews of recent meals of skipjack and coconut chicken lobster, and takes a stereo sound-seeing tour deep into a hectic farmer’s and bric brac market in Falmouth complete with machine gun teenagers and butchers with hatchets, hacksaws and hammers.

Fill your belly with Market Day and Lobster Man  ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #7 (.mp3, stereo, 128kbps, 26:02)

Market Day and Lobster Man  ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #7

Music Snippets: 

“I’ll Never you Leave You Again” by Ras Karbi

“Jamaica, Land We Love” by Unknown


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