Ramble on to New Orleans – Choogle On! #102

Ramble on to New Orleans – Choogle On! #102
Ramble on to New Orleans – Choogle On! #102

Just back from New Orleans, Uncle Weed shares anecdotes from a stop on hi-jinks-laden drive-away car delivery journey from Miami to Dallas and recounts recent culinary forays including turtle soup, Po’boy sandies and crawfish ettouffee, along with social observations about the French Quarter and Frenchmen’s street including the joy of brass bands and convenience of “go” cups. Recorded on a backyard in Squamish, BC on the late Jerry Garcia’s birthday.

 Hop in the back and Ramble on to New Orleans ~ Choogle On! #102 ~  (.mp3, 47:27, 43MB)

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4 thoughts on “Ramble on to New Orleans – Choogle On! #102”

  1. What a nice surprise to see a new episode pop up on my phone!

    I’ve been to NOLA twice. The first time was on a road trip in a VW bus from Toronto to Mexico in the early 90’s. We camped out outside of New Orleans, but this was in August. The heat was unbearable, so the next day we moved into town and stayed at a fleabag motel. Good times.

    The second time was on a road trip in a VW bus (different one) from Nashville to Vegas. That time we had a meet up and met amazing people there. It was truly a wonderful time. There’s something about people from New Orleans, they are all so incredible. Laid back, but fun. Ya know? The music and food was so good. Pix from that trip are here: http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=30375312%40N04&q=new+orleans&m=text

    I was bummed to only be there for one night. It would have been great to spend more time.

    I’m dying to go back again. I know CC was there recently and had a great time too. His pix here: http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=59663349@N00&q=NOLA

    Thanks again Dave. Keep those episodezz in my feedzz.

  2. Glad to hear you back on the podcast Uncle weed. Your tales of travel and toking are a pleasant distraction from the usual frantic pace of working life. I live on the gulf coast in Alabama in a little town called Fairhope on Mobile Bay. I usually go to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach to relax. New Orleans is 3 hrs. from hear so it’s an easy weekend trip. Listening to you talk about your stay there made me anxious to go back so I am looking at hotels already. Glad the south could show you a memorable time, make sure you get back, ok?