Interrogating a Russian over Drinks – Choogle on #50

Over martinis at a fancy Covent Garden bar in London, a charming Russian student indulges a somewhat flustered Uncle Weed’s questions about Siberian winters, police corruption, fixers and bribes, communist nostalgia, gulags, late-night disapperences, hockey teams plus his comrade quearies into the effectiveness of her tactical KGB skills.

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original photo by UW, art’ed up by Bread the producer

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Lawyers, Guns and MoneyWarren Zevon via
February 11, 1988, Montmartre, Copenhagen, Denmark

One thought on “Interrogating a Russian over Drinks – Choogle on #50”

  1. Uncle Weed, That girl had one sexy accent! That Russian accent flowing to and fro through a back porch English accent was mesmerizing. I’m jealous that you got to hear it first hand.