Tattoo Culture of Sailor Jerry – Choogle On #124

Choogle On with Uncle Weed – Sailor Jerry Tattoo Culture From SXSW 2008 – amidst sirens and Austin, Texas 6th St. street noise – comes an interview with filmmaker Erich Weiss premièring “Hori Smoku, Sailor Jerry” about the originator of contemporary tattoo-ing – and iconoclastic libertarian American – Norman Collins who combined Japanese technique, Polynesian traditions, and American motifs in Hawaii during WW2. The interview delves into the the “screwed, boozed (blued), and  tattooed” wild culture as a million sailors and soldiers descended upon the idyllic islands (especially Hotel Street), plus Mr. Collins’ complex life, the artistic lineage of Sailor Jerry, rivalries and legacies of various tattoo artists/legends, mentorships of Don Ed Hardy and others, and the remarks about “fad” tattooing and (lack of) regret. 

Might hurt a bit: Sailor Jerry Tattoo Culture – Choogle On with Uncle Weed #124 (.mp3, stereo, 30MB, 14:44)

View the film (c/o Sailor Jerry Rum et al) at: + Sailor Jerry brand Youtube (via Sailor Jerry blog) + title art sequence on Vimeo / R. Kyle Shoup + IMdb for Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry: The Life of Norman K. Collins (2008) + Buy on Hori Smoku on Amazon

Choogle On with Uncle Weed - Hori Smoku


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