Salmon Swimming Free – Rainforest Dispatches, chapter 7/9

Salmon Swimming Free – Rainforest Dispatches, chapter 7/9
Salmon Swimming Free – Rainforest Dispatches, chapter 7/9

Visiting again with friend Kevin, Uncle Weed discusses the negative impact salmon fish farms impart on the local aquaculture. Specifically, Atlantic salmon living in pens attract hazardous sea lice, are unable to spawn, are fed with small fish imported from South America, and are dyed to appear more attractive in the supermarket. Further the politically controversial fish farms add little benefit to the local economy. 

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Music Theme: Bex – “Lonesome (Lost) Traveler” Segue: Wm. Lenker – excerpts from “Heaven Holds a Place” Interludes: Grateful Dead – “Throwing Stones” Insert: Bob and Doug McKenzie (recorded from CBC TV) thanks to @JMV

Background This is Part 7 of 9 (or more) in the Rainforest Dispatches series on Choogle On with Uncle Weed a series of explorations and soliloquies from the Clayoquot Sound area on the west coast of Vancouver Island during a summertime water outage in the midst of a temperate rainforest. While figuring out what happened, Uncle Weed recollects the tense logging blockades in early 1990s and compares current conditions through lens of deep ecology and sustainable development practices.

More Clayoquot Reading via Amazon A Lousey Time in Clayoquot Sound By Mike Price, Biologist, Raincoast Wild Salmon Project CLAYOQUOT SOUND: WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON? – First Nations Environmental Network Escaping farmed salmon pose risks – David Suzuki Foundation Endangered Salmon- Sea Lice is a Problem – Clayoquot Wilderness resort Farmed Salmon – Facts and Footnotes Friends of Clayoqout SoundFish Farming The Five Fundamental Flaws of Sea Cage Fish Farming

The sea cage farming of carnivorous finfish such as salmon, tuna, cod and sablefish is fundamentally flawed in five ways:

  1. the wastes produced by farming
  2. the fish that escape
  3. the diseases and parasites that occur in farms
  4. the chemicals used to treat diseased fish
  5. the problems of stock depletion and contamination of feed.

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