Mission to the Homestead and Himalayas ~ Choogle On! #30

Exiting the Castro chaos in geta sandals, Mad Dog and Uncle Weed stroll through San Francisco’seclectic Mission district talking about urban planning and related social conundrums and sorting out tense Nepalese political negotiations en route to a fine neighborhood pub called the Homestead with a bench full of hidden wine, naked wimmin on the walls and men with old-timey hats.

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Bonus Resources:

Homestead pub map and review

NepalPolitical news on BBC (tentative peace agreement)


Homeless protest documentation from Indy Media

Downtown Eastside Enqurier article on the homeless sit-in/protest

CBC (protest coverage)

Music from Jerry Garcia Band (duh ;-))

This episode produced by Bread the Producer from recording made by Uncle Weed on Oct. 31st, 2006

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