Spieling from Whiskey Dock – Rainforest Dispatches, chapter 4/9

While watching fishing boats ply the inlet, Uncle Weed checks in from Ucluelet to describe the cultural and municipal differences between neighboring villages of Tofino and Ucluelet after a thwarted drive towards Kennedy Lake bridge – the scene of the blockades – and examines Ucluelet’s ballyhooed reaction to Tofino’s shortage through the eyes of locals at the hardware store.

With Tofino out of water, the news media have arrived and the tourists are kicked out, so from Whiskey Dock, UW riffs about RV rentals, housing developments, mountains ringed with roads and clearcuts, park fees, logging trucks warnings, jurisdictional confusion about UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and park concessionaires, plus a tip on a head shop in town.

Downcast podload: Spieling from Whiskey Dock – Rainforest Dispatches, chapter 4/9 – 19:28

Spieling from Whiskey Dock

Your input on this topic is invited – particularly if you participated in the protests or traveled to this area. Consider leaving a comment and/or recording an audio missive of your own to use in a future episode. Let me know where you stashed your blockade memories or other rainforest thoughts by emailing: choogleon (at) uncleweed (dot) net or via Twitter @choogleon and/or @uncleweed, etc.


Theme: Bex – Lonesome (Lost) Traveler
Seque: Wm. Lenker – excerpts from Heaven Holds a Place
Interlude: William Elliott Whitmore – Mutiny (on this ship)

This is Part 4 of 9 (or more) in the Rainforest Dispatches series on Choogle On with Uncle Weed

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Rainforest Dispatches series – Choogle On with Uncle Weed

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One thought on “Spieling from Whiskey Dock – Rainforest Dispatches, chapter 4/9”

  1. Howdy Dave,
    Loved the re-visit of this subject. You clearly have love for certain places on this planet as I do. I always sharpen my vocabulary when ever I listen to a Choogle On. Peaceful healing tokes for you and the places you’re dreaming of. Love-larz