Springtime Replenishment on Mosquito Creek – Choogle on #66

On a chirping bird Sunday after returning from Mexico with parasite in tow, a weakened Uncle Weed recounts artistic endeavors and medical clinic visits in Bucerias, leading to a personal slow down period of less chooglin’ and travelin’ and more writing and storytelling. You can help produce episodes via choogleon {at} uncleweed {dot} net – storyteller skillz are key.

More topics include Dalai Lama’s citizenship ceremony, Winter Olympics vignettes, Americans Abroad voter registration, duty frees stores, TSA power trippers, TV vitriol, kite-boarding, drug testing, fear mongering, soldier extradition, Belize and Palau trips, novel project tbc Elsewhere, and a gamut of podcasts to enjoy.

PS Send music.

Choose a beverage for Spring Replenishment on Mosquito Creek – Choogle on #66 (.mp3, 42:42, 36MB)

Springtime Replenishment on Mosquito Creek - Choogle on #66

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You can help produce episodes! – Get in touch via choogleon {at} uncleweed {dot} net – storytelling and experiential thinking skillz are key.

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