Uncle Weed on Dopefiend.co.uk’s Dopecast

Regular listeners of Choogle on With Uncle Weed have likely got to know my British counter-part The Dopefiend – we’ve recorded a few shows while i visited him and Max Freakout in London and a trip to the seashore in Brighton, then he and Dopegirl allowed me to return the hospitality with a long North Van visit which resulted in a heap of podcasts including visits with Herby, a true herbsman, hunkered down in a boutique grow room.

Current listeners know that Herby fell into some dicey situation with the law and on the newest Dopecast, i discuss Herby’s situation and the importance of knowing your rights including understanding probable cause, your right to an attorney, and why to shut up when the cops starting yapping!

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On this week’s episode of the Web’s Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks to Canadian Cannabis Crusader Uncle Weed about the difficult situation featuring Canadian grower and Dopecast favourite Herbie, forced to spend his weekends in jail thanks to an increasingly tough stance on Cannabis taken by the Canadian authorities, why it’s not as easy as it may sound to some, and why it’s yet more evidence of injustice in the war on drugs.

The Dopefiend then talks to Uncle Weed about the case of Dopecast listener Snoogins who was busted on a marijuana paraphernalia charge, and why it’s important for all stoners to know their rights and to exercise their civil liberties, and also gets his views on the continuing debate over abuse vs experimentation and his thoughts on the recent Big Chill gonzo extravaganza, knowing your own limits and how you have to decide what constitutes abuse on your own terms, whether there is any value in Nitrous Oxide or MDMA, and how important ritual and careful planning is to a successful entheogenic experience.

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