Buddhas in the Trenches – Postcard #42

Part Three of the White Poppies for Remembrance series (recorded Nov. 2006) features reading from the Dhammapada by Siddhartha Gautama while waiting for the Seabus heading towards Victory Park. Along the way, Dave talks about conscientious objection and military service evaders in Canada, mercy and the state of the downtown eastside.

Wander along for Buddhas in the Trenches – Postcard #42 (.mp3, 23MB, 20:21)

Buddhas in the Trenches - Postcards from Gravelly Beach

Page France sings Chariot, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club sings about Mercy, (both found on KEXP S.o.t.D. podcast) and Bill Janovitz from Here Comes a Regular score lays down some background groove – plus some Andean flute, soulful saxriffs and American Pie wisdom from Clayton the seabus busker along the way.

Dedicated to Lt. Talbot Mercer Papineau

Talbot Mercer Papineau – Wikipedia

Talbot Mercer Papineau, MC (25 March 188330 October 1917) was a lawyer and soldier from Quebec, Canada. …

He was notable for his letters from the front. He was hit by a shell during the Battle of Passchendale in Ypres on October 30, 1917.

Open Letter from Talbot M. Papineau to Henri Bourassa

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