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Better Domes and Gardens – #BCInvasion, part 4

A seaplane to Vancouver island continues #BCinvasion trip at a geodesic dome with visits to gardens, old-time photo and lots of barbeque with pals + dogs.
Better Domes and Gardens – BC Invasion, part 4

Our family adventure rolls on by seaplane to Geodesic Wonderland in Metchosin on Vancouver Island. We settled for some relaxing times, rejuvenation and loads of barbeque with wonderful hosts, Neal and Jo-Anne.

After a brief soliloquy about balancing between “stealth mission” and “waving flags” to say hello… we enjoy sojourns at the expensive grounds with dogs, hot tub and forest. Then the intrepid travellers also make an excursion to Butchart Gardens with carousel and peacocks where Ryoko documented *every single* plant and tree. 

original photo by Colin McTaggart tyvm – edit’d by dvo

We also savored an old-time photography experience resulting in cinematic Daguerreotype tinplate along with a few surprises, including Nick Bantock art (will meet him later in the series) and a book called “So It Is” featuring a creative water-soaked shot of UncleWeed and KK at a mural wall in Vancouver + David Suzuki and bev. davies.

Cameos include: 

More to Come:

from this checkpoint including a traditional Japanese Tea Garden (which was destroyed during the incarceration camp era and now serving tea again), an English High Tea for Ryoko’s birthday at another beautiful garden, more outing for burgers, and Mile 0, Terry Fox, and other high times with pals who took the time to convene with us. Very appreciated. 

Photos by: 

Dave, Ryoko & Ichiro &

Colin McTaggart https://www.instagram.com/colinmct/ [IG] including insta-snaps and cover art

Ken Miner https://www.instagram.com/kengminer/ [IG} & https://kenminer.ca {including photo used for 2024 New Year card – see making of video}

screen captures from “So It Is” by Adam and Kev from media outlets credited in-line https://www.adamandkev.com/soitisvancouver

Thanks to:

Geodesic Wonderland and Pals & all the good good dogs

Music by: 

* Tea Before Sake by DJ H.A-A of UAE

* Epiphany of the Saints, Cowboy Neal, Just as Long as You Arrive by Bocephus King

* Tokyo Shoeshine Boy by Teruko Akatsuki

More goodness

BC Invasion at Daveostory (you are here)

Youtube #BCinvasion Playlist (includes on-the-ground gazettes)

Fondly from Olsons of Tsuchida Cottage

original photo by Colin McTaggart tyvm – edit’d by dvo

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