Podcast Migration

Background / Gist:

Hosting is “broken” – podcasts should now live on in archive.org (when appropriate) for benefit of internet and audience but must be done with accuracy and consistency. Plus, blog posts have various formats, some art missing album art and others ID3 data.

Aim to make consistent and “future-proof” (later update to more distribution networks and update “Pod Subs” page)

Project objectives:

  1. Update audio files with ID3 meta data and album art
  2. Move audio files from current hosting place to archive.org with all related description etc (ensure multiple audio file version in archive.org as possible)
  3. Update podcast feed blogs with new audio URL
  4. Update podcast blog posts with uniform layout and album art


Downcast Podload” project tracking spreadsheet

Relevant URLs:

Choogle On with Uncle Weed

feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ChoogleOnWithUncleWeed
previous blog: uncleweed.wordpress.com
audio: http://users.zhonka.net/dave/uncleweed/podshow/choogleon/

NOTE: Moved to Archive.org
Need to update blog posts to standard format

Postcards from Gravelly Beach
feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/gravellybeach
previous blog: gravellybeach.wordpress.com
audio: http://users.zhonka.net/dave/uncleweed/podshow/postcards/

NOTE: DONE (archived, ID3 data, blog posts updated!)

Canucks Outsider
previous blog: gone

now at: https://daveostory.com/category/community-culture/canucks-outsider/
audio: http://users.zhonka.net/dave/uncleweed/podshow/canucksoutsider/

NOTE: NOT SURE IF NEEDED (update: don’t bother)

Urban Vancouver

previous blog: gone

now: https://daveostory.com/category/audio-pods-songs/vancouver-sounds/

audio: http://users.zhonka.net/dave/uncleweed/podshow/urbanvancouver/

NOTE: DONE (archived, ID3 data, blog posts updated) + feed updated

Olympic Outsider

feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/olympicoutsider

previous: was at ipadio: http://www.ipadio.com/channels/olympic-outsider now at: https://daveostory.com/category/audio-pods-songs/olympic-outsider/

Note: Done (archived, blog posts etc.)

Community Feasthouse

feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Feasthouse

olden blog: feasthouse.wordpress.com
now: https://daveostory.com/category/audio-pods-songs/prezos-interviews-media/

audio: http://users.zhonka.net/dave/uncleweed/podshow/ephemera/

NOTE: Done (pending discovering new items)

Update Recipe:

  1. Choose a podcast and some episodes to work on (tip: takes about an hour to do 5)
  2. Open podcast blog and Open archive.org in browser
  3. Download existing audio file & Check/Update audio file with meta data incl. Artist, Description, Lyrics (long description with credits), album art, … see blog post entry for reference
  4. Change file name to reflect podcast series and episode title and number, with hyphens – example:
  5. Log into archive.org as uncleweed (ask for PW as needed)
  6. Choose Upload to Community Audio on archive.org
  7. Select audio file, begin upload (http or ftp) and begin upload NOTE: only work on one file at a time or the URLs and directory trees will be confused
  8. Choose CC license (non-commercial, share alike)
  9. Add meta data, removing non-standard characters, i.e.: ~  and adding tags (from blog post) + Add description including link to blog post for credits etc.
  10. Add Author for Choogle on: Uncle Weed (Dave Olson) for Postcards and others: Dave Thorvald Olson
  11. Add album art (copy and paste flickr code snippet from blog post)
  12. Check upload playback when complete and Ensure meta data looks consistent including all standard names
  13. Copy mp3 audio file URL form Archive and Update links in podcast blog in 2 places (enclosure link and player link)
  14. Test playback on blog & update post
  15. Send a twitter with tag #choogleon saying “it’s done”



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