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quick audio hits for other podcasters to say “hello”, offer solidarity and share my stories with new audiences

(Another) Promo for Max Freakout’s Psychonautica show from Uncle Weed and The Dopefiend

Continuing on with promos for Max Freakout’s Psychonautica podcast on the podcast conglomerate, here’s one with Uncle Weed and the Dopefiend pushing the goods to the people recorded at the Dope Den in South East London in June 2007.

Of course you are subscribed to his show (along with the rest of‘s offering) but for my own benefit (and Max’s), here’s the clip.

Uncleweed and Doepfiend Promo for Max Freakout’s Psychonautica (.mp3, :14, >500K)

Promo for Max Freakout’s Psychonautica on

Joints in Camden Town

My endless quest continues with me tidying up my massive stash of audio files before they ferment into too-heady a’ brew. This leads me today to a promo file for Max Freakout – a wise and adventurous chap living in Camden, the counter-culture conscience of London. From his flat – and environs around – earnest Max dispenses his knowledge of headtrips and philosophy alike for the eager multitudes tripping out to the Psychonautica podcast (with help from KMO in Arkansas) on the podcast conglomerate.

Uncleweed Promo for Ma

You should just subscribe to his show (along with the rest on but for my own benefit, the clip is here.

Message about Japan to the Scarborough Dude – Dick n’ Janes podcast

Message to the Scarborough Dude (.mp3, 6:25, 6.1MB)

If you don’t listen the Scarborough Dude’s podcast dicksnjanes [A rambling kinda talk about life and all that comes with it, held together with an unusual variety of great music…] you are missing out. He is a (decidedly) middle-aged rambler who lets his true emotions all hang out in loquacious hour long shows chronicling his innermost thoughts as we toils in business, travels far and wide, deals with co-workers, kids and colleagues and life in Canada. His political observations are astute and his social meanderings insightful. Not hard-hitting and full of ‘explosions’ but more like a hour being a sympathetic bartender to a patron with his heart on sleeve.

Anyhow, recently the Dude went to Japan on business and recorded well … just about everything. Listening to his rambles brought back a heap of memories so i fired him up while waiting for the Seabus a couple of weeks ago. He’s back from the far west now and a friend is filling in his shows (he’s always threatening to quit podcasting for whatever reason) but be sure tune in for a unfiltered view of middle-aged angst and joy from a classic Canadian.

My message offer flashbacks while wandering around Vancouver, waiting for the Seabus (toking a bowl) and listening to the Dude’s poignant discourse – topics include my experience as a enokitake farmer in Tottori-ken, New Year’s Eve eating mekon oranges around fire barrels and drinking under cherry trees and buckwheat hull pillows.

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