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You’ve likely noticed but … a few more Choogle Ons and another Postcard from Gravelly Beach episodes released for your listening pleasure.

Grab em all and share ’em with your friends!

Choogle on NYC
NYC Speakeasy Stroll with Bubble Bands and Falafel Bars – Choogle on #45

Clayoquot Sound Old-Growth Blockade - Choogle on
Clayoquot Old-Growth Blockade Flashback – Choogle on #44

Waiting (and Resisting) in Baghdad – Postcard #47

Another Choogle out the Door – This one with Vaporizers

Condition Green! High likelihood of vaporization in Choogle on #43 Happy Sunday with the Vappy Man – Choogle on #43 featuring a visit to Happy Vappy’s designer and entrepreneur Ferdinand at his workshop in commercial East Vancouver to discuss reasons for using a herbal vaporizer for enjoy ganja as well as his inspiration for his business, new improvements to the Happy Vappy, why the Vappy is handy for medical patients, what’s up with convection and temperature control plus useful Vaporizer use and maintenance tips.

Choogle on with Uncle Weed - Happy Sunday with the Vappy Man


The medicinal qualities of herbs can be released without burning. This means that you can avoid the carcinogenic tars and noxious gases found in smoke. Using patent pending Tempest Core Technology, HappyVappy brings your herb to optimal vaporization temperature, providing you with all the positive effect of herbal therapy, without the negative effects of smoking.

HappyVappy uses less herb than traditional means of consumption. You get bigger breath for your buck as it’s not going up in smoke.

HappyVappy has streamlined styling, a simple interface and fits into your lifestyle. Because it’s a vaporizer, it’s also virtually odorless.

It reaches operating temperature in 3 minutes, with no bag or dome to fill. HappyVappy is designed to stay at optimal temperature, so you don’t have to worry about dials or overheating or anything other than kicking back and relaxing.

Podcast Queue

Podcast Editing Bonanza – Showpack Roster

OK sorting out the show roster to edit to give ’em titles for album art and descriptions and all that and help folks choose open or two they might wanna edit (or just to get folks excited about what’s coming up …

a-canucks-floorball – Swiss Invade Canada at BC Floorball Challenge – Features interviews with the sport’s Scandanavian ambassadors to Canada and some most excellent Swiss players (plus banter about Swiss culture) and some local Canadian upstarts – many files

a-choogle-happyvappy – The Happy Vappy Action Man – Interview with Ferd, the designer who makes the Happy Vappy from his workshop in the commercial district of Vancouver on a rainy Sunday discussing the whys and hows of his business and the benefits of vaporization – one file

a-choogle-japan-story – Japanese Mountain Satori-time – On a walk, Uncle Weed recounts and recollects spent in the mountains of Japan learing the old way of the culture by harvesting rice and mushrooms and learning about cannabis’ rich history in Japan in a town called Miasa, beautiful hemp.
steve of the mountains

a-choogle-london-camden – Space Cruise to Camden Town

a-choogle-london-hempforvictory – Hemp for Victory with Author Kenyon Gibson
Kenyon Gibson, Author

a-choogle-london-rainy-bridges – London’s Rainy Bridges, Prisons and Obelisk (Victoria Potter)

a-choogle-london-westminister-wander – Insomniatic Musings on Royalty, War and Statuary
clock tower (home of Big Ben)

a-choogle-numbskulz-growup – The Numbskulz Grow Up (and Rock Out)

a-choogle-nyc-village – Manhattan Bubbleboys, Falafels and Bars
early morning arrival

a-choogle-royalsampler – Royal Sampler (with Hookah and Vaporizer) &/or

a-postcard-remembrance-conditionsofeastside – (Meta)Physical Conditions of the Eastside
another alley from bus stop

a-urban-nightmarket – Asian Market Quest for Cabbage Pancakes
zen of okanomiyaki

b-choogle-gloria-test – Glorious Purple Kush Testing Session

b-olympic-flagevent –
Part 1 Duff Gibson, Superhero Gold Medal Skelton-thlete
Part 2 Crispin Lipscomb, Freestyle Snowboarding’s Peoples’ Champion

a-postcards-remembrance-waitinginbaghdad – Waiting and Resisting in Baghdad

a-urban-hemp-c – Hemp Soda Two Flavor Taste Test

Roll Your Own Choogle on – Seeking Audio Storytellers/Editors

With my recent push to get the shows to the people, i’ve called upon a few amigos to bust out some editing from a semi-assembled show packs of audio recorded here and there. I do not like to micro-manage nor thwart anyone’s creativity but figured i’d best list a few guidelines and tips for making a show a real-authentic Choogle on experience – not for the timid to be sure!

To bribe competant folks i’ll offer up random crap from my box o’ prizes – tshirts, rolling papers, magazines – no big deal but i do what i can yo! What do ya want? A certificate? Sheesh.

Master of Podcast hi-jinks

Rule 1: Tell a story (keys: characters in transition, conscious conversation, sense of place, adventures into unknown where something will/might go wrong)

Rule 2: Remove the parts which don’t help the story move along (and the parts when i sound like a complete dumb-a$$)

Rule 3: Remove personal names and dates and other “meta” or time sensitive content unless critical to the story

Rule 4: Start with the intro theme, end with the outro theme, sprinkle segues and “narration” bits here and there to fit mood

Rule 5: Choose music which is thematically – topically, geographically or sonically – relevant to the story

Rule 6: Add in all ID3 tags (description, comment, title, year, artist etc. plus album art)

Rule 7: Party on! Spark one up, you’ve earned it.

Rule 8: Listen again – Are there excessively loud or quiet parts? Any audio hiccups with are distracting? Any boring bits? Tune-ups are encouraged.

Really, if you need advice, brainstorm feedback, opinion on which show needs done, what music works etc. holler at me via secret channels. And remembe, thousands of lucky bastards are listening up to your labours so make it dank.


Choogle on! with Uncle Weed bonanza rolling down the rails with momentum …

Yup two more episodes out the door today – shocking i know.  I’ll post brief descriptions here and/or you can easily browse on over to – plus you are subscribed by now right?

Now which one will i bust into next?  A vaporizer testing session perhaps?  Or a late night San Jose missive?  Maybe an interview with a Vappy maker or author?  Keep tuned-in to find out.

Choogle on withUncleweed Podcast hi-jinks FeediTunesBlog

Greenwich Village Rooftop NYC Diesel Smokedown – Choogle on #40

Late night hoots on a historic Greenwich Village rooftop with Uncle Weed talking with a Canadian friend about NYC scenes and buildings plus 9/11 recollections, vacuum tubes, ferries, oreo cookies, the last ink factory, Hudson fireworks, hockey lock-out, law school ideas, propane tanks and lawnmowers, 2002 Cannabis Cup (see pics if you are Uncle Weed’s ‘friend’ on Flickr) and minor police incidents plus a few confessions (lousy joint roller and typist) and a self-aggrandizing plug for Zhonka Surfbreaks free wi-fi for the people!

Bacon, Biscuits and Hemp Ed – Choogle on #39

Whilst visiting mentor/amigo Hemp Ed in Pe Ell, Washington, Uncle Weed chats about cellulose fuel conversion, logging industry, tasty eggs from hemp seed fed chickens laden with omega 3s fatty acids plus Willie Nelson’s peaceful bio-diesel revolution, Ed’s Alaskan logging hi-jinks, Finnish saunas and Hemp Express Van flashbacks.  Visit (be sure to download the “Practical Guide to Cannabis” .pdf) and Ed’s HempLobby Chronicles blog.

Kickin’ off the Choogle On Podcast Bonanza

I’ve heard the voice of the people and aye, ’tis a powerful thing. You want the Choogle. I often get hung up on trying to make them *even better* with extra tasty tidbits and i somehow get hung up on the chronological order in whihc i recorded shows thinking that somehow this construct matters to the noble, patient listener. Well considering i have dozens of hours of footage from the recent three-coast long strange trip, i am firing ’em out at my convenience and shooting for a massive batch of the Choogle On! with Uncle Weed [FeediTunesBlog] shows rolling out – warts and all perhaps but you don’t seem to mind too much ;-).

Picaddilly Circus London

Starting it off is the brand-new episode Joints on Brighton Beach – Choogle on #38 with my amigos The Dopefiend and Max Freakout . Topics include weed, politics, revolution, day-trips, trips, and more joints and has a wee of tasty music to commemorate the first all-new episode in some time – Lazarus by The Black Tories and a snippet of Rocket Man from Clayton the Seabus busker.

Scenes of Brighton UK

Look forward to a few late night wanders around London, a visit with Hemp Ed, another chat with the Numbskulz, an interview with the authour of Hemp For Victory, a vaporizer test, a hookah session, late night wander seeking the heart of San Jose, rooftop tokeout in NYC’s West Greenwich Village and observing a band in a bubble in the Meatpacking District. Plus some rather random personal journals and trip comments along the way. Gonna post it anyhow.

Atlantic Seacoast in Brighton

Oh yeah, tons of new stuff from Heads e-magazine shirts, flags and the like. Tell me why you deserve free stuff via choogleon (insert @ here) @uncleweed (dot) net.

Do try to stay up now.

Etymology of Chooglin’ in rock, funk and boogie – Definition of Choogle

You know i dig Chooglin’ on – meaning rambling along on adventures, going elsewhere, somewhere, nowhere … rolling where i feel the flow, getting in a ruckus and causing a disturbance – but ya know the good kind of raucous disturbances.

When i think about ‘who’s chooglin’?’ i think of the dude careening down the city road riding an overloaded shopping cart of bottles, cans and random crap, he’s chooglin’. The old lady with a cane hustling to catch the bus cause the driver ain’t got no heart to wait – she’s a chooglin’. The busker i see in the seabus tunnel playing his guts out and getting hassled by the po-po cause he ain’t got no permit and he’s just trying to sing to the folks man! – he be a chooglin’ for sure. Chooglin’ is a state of mind – a go with the flow but in an immediate active tense … so as i sees it anyhow.

Choogle on Street Party

Some urban dictionary jive has all sorts of crazy speculation about what means choogle/chooglin’/choogling ranging from dubious sex acts to cheating or Chinese-i-fying some search engine which vaguely rhymes with choogle.

Turns out some lads in Austin spent the time to figure what the meaning of choogle is on the street. Read the whole treatise (written by Christopher Gray, published Wed Apr 18, 12:40pm) called To Choogle or Not to Choogle as he talks about a band called Chooglin’ and the origins of the word in a semi-academic manner.

(btw, the band is described in another article “Choogle X 2” thusly: “The fourpiece utilizes garage-borne punk fury to remind us of the ass-shaking salvation once offered by the boogie-down guitar rock of the Seventies before it got all bloated on deli trays and cocaine.”)

Noble effort indeed. Here’s a guy who clearly spent some time diggin’ into the heart of rockin forth,boogie-ing down and chooglin’ – serving up the full riffs of swampy CCR, burly BTO and ramblin Grateful Dead as the reprentative soundtrackers to the choogle lifestyle. Serves up some tasty honorable mentions to Sly and his Family of Stone(r)s, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Skynyrd, (phat) Elvis (sometimes) and even cameo chooglin by alt-rock savants Modest Mouse. Knew someone would find a common thread between all those besides just me.

Here a remixed sampler pack of quotes about the etymology of Chooglin’ but wise folks with read up on the choogle (Copyright © 2007 Austin Chronicle Corporation. All rights reserved. Used under fair use.) and live it right (or wrong – whichever, i do not fret):

Some words are so much fun to say it almost doesn’t matter what they mean. So it is with the perpetually misunderstood swampy rock & roll term “choogle.” It’s one of those words – SF Weekly calls it a “nonsense rock verb” this week – that gets tossed around a fair amount even though its actual meaning is elusive.

If applied correctly, it’s simply a synonym for awesome, and this nonsense rock verb is having a bit of a moment right now.

But choogle is meant to be embraced, not overlooked. “Choogle is a debauched form of white-boy boogie, after white-boy boogie drank too much Old Crow and fell asleep on his deck listening to Grand Funk Railroad,” SF Weekly’s Frances Reade, profiling contemporary acid casualties the Assemble Head, writes in the paper’s current issue. “Choogle has a nasty sunburn and a hangover, but he’s still ready to party.”

Choogle dates back at least to 1969, when it was coined by John Fogerty. Lord knows how he came up with it, but Fogerty advised listeners to “Keep on chooglin'” for eight whole minutes on Creedence Clearwater Revival’s second album, Bayou Country.

Choogle also became known as an especially funky form of travel once Fogerty stated his intention to “choogle on down to New Orleans” in the same album’s “Born on the Bayou.” Deposed former Village Voice rock scribe Robert Christgau, never, ever guilty of overanalysis, displays a firm grasp on choogle on his Web site’s Creedence entry: “The energy implied by coinages like ‘choogle’ and ‘ramble tamble’ has more to do with vigor than with potency, more to do with simple activity than with sexuality. That distinction has its parallel in Fogerty’s politics, which are less apocalyptic (and revolutionary) than activist (and liberal) – the politics of agape rather than the politics of eros.” Word, Bob.

[Dave note: ‘the politics of agape rather than the politics of eros.’ = whoa dude]

… it’s more of a rhythm than anything else: fluid, organic, undulating. Though the tempo varies, all choogle carries an insistent drive that just won’t quit. Therefore, the lion’s share of Sly & the Family Stone’s newly reissued 1969 landmark Stand! could rightfully be called choogle, while some Southern rock icons are almost completely choogle-free.

Choogle is rooted in the blues, but doesn’t live there – the Allman Brothers couldn’t choogle to save their lives. Lynyrd Skynyrd were capable of chooglin’ – “Gimme Three Steps” and “Call Me the Breeze” come to mind – but certainly not “Free Bird” or “Saturday Night Special.” .38 Special flirted with choogle on “Hold On Loosely” and “Caught Up in You,” but more as a garnish than a foundation. Post-’68-comeback Elvis choogled all over “Burning Love,” “Suspicious Minds,” and Tony Joe White’s “Polk Salad Annie,” but was inevitably eclipsed by less choogly ballads like “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” More’s the pity.

Like Fogerty himself, many of history’s main chooglers hail from way outside Dixie. All-time choogler anthem “Takin’ Care of Business” comes to us from Winnipeg, Canada, by way of Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Cleveland native Joe Walsh took choogle to new heights on “Rocky Mountain Way,” and once they got going, the Grateful Dead could choogle for hours on end. Maybe even days..

Metal never, ever choogles, except maybe Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades.” Modest Mouse flirts with chooglin’ a few times on latest We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, but never quite follow through.

To Choogle or Not to Choogle Christopher Gray, published Wed Apr 18, 12:40pm

(Copyright © 2007 Austin Chronicle Corporation. All rights reserved. Used under fair use.)

White Poppies for Remembrance rolls on with HD Thoreau and Gord Downie + more tasty tunes

Thanks to some new found energy resultant from some very agressive acupuncture (fortified with electrical stimulation), I rallied out another (part 6) of the White Poppies peace and war series on Postcards from Gravelly Beach (my spoken word literature podcast – Feed – iTunes).  Really enjoying crafting these and still have at least 3 maybe 5 more to go in this series – then maybe move onto the trees and logging conundrums in Calyoquot sound series (featuring lots of Gary Snyder and other essays).  Anyhow, in case you are a non-violence advocate and literature enthusiast, check out my wee programme.

Awakening to the Dawn of Potential – Postcard #45

This one continues with me at the mostly empty Victory Park on the 3 day Remembrance Day weekend last November discussing human value and potential and perception with a poem by Gord Downie (hear Gord’s day job in “Hip Night in Vancouver – Choogle on #31) from “Coke Machine Glow” and two stirring excerpts from Henry David Thoreau’s classic “Walden” plus a “Declaration” from my original Letters from Russia project (read in a hospital room in Logan, Utah).  Salty and missing sea captian Chris Jacobsen sings “Providence” and Rock Plaza Central sing “Children be Joyful” and me and Miss Sena lay down some percussion-scape from Steamboat Island to jam along with the city bus brakes and heavy thoughts.

Asking SOCAN whassup with Podcasts

Thank You, Below is the information that you submitted to SOCAN. Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you shortly.

The SOCAN offices are closed from noon on December 23, 2005 until 9 a.m. on January 3, 2006. Your e-mail will be processed once the offices have been re-opened. We apologize for any inconvenience. Season’s Greetings from SOCAN!

–> First Name: Dave
Last Name: Olson
City: North Vancouver
Province: BC
Comment: I produce original spoken word audio podcasts and am considering adding music. With some music i use, the artist has provided direct permission however I am interested to find out how I can play SOCAN licensed artists on my podcast. The shows are free (i do not make any money from ads or otherwise) and the audience less than 1000 listeners. I look forward to your advice. dave

Good afternoon Dave,

As Socan does not yet collect licenses and distribute royalties for Internet performances, there is no fee to be paid to Socan.

However, you must seek permission directly from the author(s)/composer(s)/publisher

(s) to use the works. I also recommend that you contact the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA) as they may be collecting a fee for Internet performances.

CMRRA: (416) 926-1966 or website

I hope this helps.


Sophie Buonvino Hart
Information Officer/Agente d’information
1-866-307-6226 (Eng)
1-866-317-6226 (Fran)

White Poppies for Remembrance podcast series at PfGB

In case you aren’t checking out the Postcards from Gravelly Beach spoken word literature podcasts i brew up (they ain’t for everybody i suppose), you may want to check out a wee series i am (finally) editing from last Remembrance Day (Nov. 2006).

Come on along as i start with a bowl of oatmeal and trek downtown to (ostensibly) congregate in some ceremony and end up hanging out reading the goods in Victory Park, at New Amsterdam cafe plus Gastown alleys and finally back on North Shore porch. Topics include white poppies, peace, non-peace, aggressions, human rights and human potential, art and culture, the conditions of the Downtown Eastside and life of a resistance fighter.

Not quite the regular Postcards from Gravelly Beach style but whatever, … check out the fist two episodes which sorta set the stage for the next half dozen episodes.

Here is Part One:
Vanquishing Grecian Warlords – Postcard #39
(12MB, .mp3, 13:06)

Postcards from Gravelly Beach

And Part Two:
White Poppies on a Rainyday Coat – Postcard #41 (9:29, 9MB, .mp3)

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