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Gnomedex gives, goes Bollywood, and rides the Magic Bus | Dave Delaney – Community Enthusiast, Social Media Strategist and Humorist

Gnomedex gives, goes Bollywood, and rides the Magic Bus | Dave Delaney – Community Enthusiast, Social Media Strategist and Humorist

Talks and Ideas (while waiting for a Key) at Gnomedex06 #2

Unabonger who describes my video artifact thusly:

“Uncleweed guards the stash, and leaves a video diary entry on my recorder while i go back to the garage to get the room key I forgot.”

While waiting for a new key from security, I recap Day 2 of Gnomedex including riffs on:

* Ethan Kaplan (then of Warner Brothers) ideas about the fan and band hierarchy
* Tara Hunt (born in Saskatoon) sharing her ideas about small and social business (note: Chris Messina was not her husband as i stated)
* Dave Winer who got grumpy about the dude from Firefox but laid out his future vision
* Chris Pirillo asking for feedback about his new idea TagJag
* Experience Music Project with an exhibit comparing and contrasting art from different eras
* Singing Oh Canada with the other Canucks on site (Darren Barefoot, Derek K. Miller et al)

Gnomedex Lineup

I may take this year off from Gnomedex. Not that i don’t enjoy it immensely but because i am sick of spending rare sunny summer weekends indoors geeking out. Family and outdoor leisure time is so scant and August is the stretch run before the months of drizzle begin anew. I am always spieling forth for fall/winter confabs instead.

Though i am grateful for Chris Pirillo being a Zhonka Broadband customer, i may not make it this year though i am sure my amigo y amiga will manage to tear it up anyhow.
the crew at EMP

Here’s some flashback videos from previous years:

Plus Darren Barefoot’s “Stacie” speech: Darren Barefoot speaks at Gnomedex, 2007 +
Darren Barefoot speaks at Gnomedex, 2007 – Part 2

and the Canadians take over Gnomedex

## Via Pirillo ##

Here’s the proposed lineup of speakers for this year fresh from Chris Pirillo.

What’s happening at Gnomedex 8.0 this year?

We’re learning about the ReacTable Project with Arick Lindross:

We’re discussing the cult of Internet celebrity with Sarah Lacy:

We’re talking about social search trends with Danny Sullivan

We’re putting the user in control of vendors with Eve Maler

We’re engaging Gen-Y with the young entrepreneur Mark Bao

We’re seeing how social media reaches the third world with Amanda Koster

We’re finding fun and frivolity with Eric Nakagawa

We’re noticing how open source is changing hardware suppliers with Jeremy Toeman

We may (Schedule Permitting) gain insight with Brian Cox of CERN

We’re discovering what went into the Mars Rover mission with Scott Maxwell

We’re creating our own 3D fabricators with Evan Malone

We’re tripping into Internet Black Holes with Ethan Katz-Bassett

…and that’s just the beginning. :)

Rolling the Magic Bus: Seattle, Gnomedex 2008: Geeks Ahoy!

Whilst at Gnomedex conference in Seattle in 2008, with Nat at the wheel, and a batch of geeks aboard, we head out in a propane-powered heavily modified school bus to get some art, have some tokes and share some laughs. Riders included a roster of exceptional humans including Amber Case, Dave Delaney, Marcus Whitney, Jay Stewart and more (see below).

With art acquired, we rolled around town including a stop whilst a draw bridge let a boat through and we goofed around with (at the time) new tech tools like iphones and digital recorders.

Riders aboard included:
Amber C @caseorganic
DaveO @uncleweed
Jay S @theunabonger
Kris K @kk
Dave D @davedelanany
C Suspect @csuspect
Alex W @alexwilliams
Nat T @blarneyrabble
Marcus W @marcuswhitney
+++ other remarkable folks who are forever bound by this ride…

However, this ephemeral video does not properly represent any of the above :( but roll for a moment anyhow.

Vancouver Transit Camp 2007 Preview

Vancouver Transit Camp 2007 Preview

Come ready to share, contribute and collaborate! Transit Camp is inspired by BarCamp. Bar Camp events are powered by participation.

The event will be well-documented in the form of blog posts, wiki content, photos, and video for everyone who is unable to attend. (Please use the tag: transitcamp.) If you would like to be part of the event, please keep in mind that we are limited to 100 people and so everyone there must be interested and involved.

We’re envisioning an event for Metro Vancouver to bring people using, loving and geeking over transit together with the TransLink staff, to talk about how we can make it better, easier and more enjoyable for everyone!

We will hold simultaneous small-group sessions on a self-organized basis around topics of interest to the community: taking advantage of Translink-Google Transit integration, creating and selling user-generated media and articles (music, buttons, t-shirts), photography, illustration and music inspired by transit in Vancouver.

This celebration and workshop-oriented event is intended to inspire a fresh approach at Translink in how it serves users and engages with community in order to achieve its organizational goals.

Vancouver Transit Camp is a go – Saturday, Dec. 8th at Workspace

Trolley Transit science fair exhibit - 4th gradeInterested in geeking out about all things related to Metro Vancouver’s belaugered transit system? Then punch your transfer for Vancouver Transit Camp.

Mashups, schedules, design, politics, business, seats, routes, maps, outings, and general conveyance enjoyment are all on the table cause this is an “un-conference” meaning you show up and pitch what you wanna talk about an/or vote on other peeps’ presentations.

Karen, Roland, Paul, Jason and more are working diligently to get the word out and make a neat event which costs little more than a $5 suggested donation from the first 100 folks who sign on the muster roll.
JMV makes cool buttons for transit camp
We are lining up sponsors (thanks to Vancouver green directory!) and invite you to rough up your workplace or wallet for a hundred or two to pay for the sweeeet WorkSpace facility (with exceptional coffee), lunch o’ rama for hungry participants and incidental expenses like cool buttons, art and ambiance.

Being a daily transit roller, I’ve appointed myself as the Seabus Czar and will answer and evangelize this crown jewel in the Translink empire.

I am eager to brew up some transit ideas for tourists trips (how to avoid those goofy, expensive tourist buses and see the real sights of Vangroovy) as well as rail on about turnstiles, advertising and reminiscing about the burbs before the ALRT. And you? Well if you have something to say, get over and sign up, showup and be ready to pitch in with words and thoughts.

Upcoming: Vancouver TransitCamp

Facebook: Facebook event

Heading to Gnomedex 07 – Third timer!

I’m heading to Gnomedex shortly … here’s how you can play along at home with this special board game edition which wou’ll receive along with your year supply of Rice a Roni!

I won’t be doing on-site blogging this time (no laptop) but am taking recorder and camera and plan to document a bit but mostly soak all the fuzzy knowledge in to hone my ability to see into the future of media, communication, activism and efficiency. Excited to hang out with more amazing folsk brewingup crazy goodness and catch up the club at this geekfest summer camp. Fortunately non-A listers like me are able to attend to keep it real ;-).

Maslow take note of all these fufilled and almost actualized people!

photo by KK (of course)

Gnomedex video and audio live:

Gnomedex 2007:

always fun to hear what Marc Canter yells aloud (careful sitting next to him!)

Gnomedex attendees aggregator:

Gnomedex “it’s geeky fun” song by DKM Penmachine:

Gnomedex Flickr tag:

Uncle Weed tag’d Gnomedex pics:

Thrasher fan Mark, Cosmo Unabonger and Cap’n Ajax

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Gnomedex 06 posts on Get Elastic:

Gnomedex 2006 Videos:
Kickin’ Back at the Hotel Room
Video Funtime at Gnomedex
Science fiction and Impressionalists
Kickin’ Back at the Hotel Room
Gnomedex Recap with EMP Action

Gnomedex Entomology:

Gnomedex is a funny name. There’s something absurd about the word gnome, and using it to replace the first syllable of a stuffy, corporate-sounding acronym really makes Gnomedex work. Gnome makes you think of garden gnomes. And the Underpants Gnomes of South Park.They have a three-point business plan that may seem eerily familiar toyou VCs and angels out there, and cut a little close to the bone foryou web entrepreneurs:

  1. Collect Underpants.
  2. ?
  3. Profit!

    by niallkennedy

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