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now-defunct but still the original Canucks hockey podcast, the Canucks Outsider ran for several years and garnered massive attention in Vancouver and worldwide – besides pods, see art and media archive

Dave (in Hootmode) at “Five Hole for Food” street hockey funtimes in Vancouver

.@daveohoots & the @hootsuite hockey team is about to take the streets here in #vancouver #fhff by @jasonbaker

via instavancouver:

.@daveohoots & the @hootsuite hockey team is about to take the streets here in #vancouver #fhff by @jasonbaker

Social Media story/advice from Mozy19/Richard Loat including Canucks stuff

Social Media advice from Mozy19 (by kempedmonds)

Bonus: JJ, Richard and Dave on back on bus representing Canucks renegade media makers

Hockey Notes re: Movember (source unknown)

Best All-Time Hockey Mo –  #1 – Lanny McDonald, #2 Wendal Clark,  #3- George Parros, #4 – Larry Robinson,  #5 – Eddie Shack,  #6  Glenn Anderson , #7-Rogie Vachon, #8 – Bryan Trottier

Best Current Hockey “Wish He would Grow a Mo” – #1 – Sidney Crosby, #2 – Jarome Iginla, #3 – Dion Phaneuf, #4 – Alex Ovechkin, #5 – Joe Thornton, #6 – Taylor Hall, #7 – Zdeno Chara, #8 – Mike Camalleri

Which Logo Could Best Use the Addition of a Mo – #1 – Ottawa Senators, #2 – Chicago Blackhawks and #3 – Pittsburgh Penguins, #4 – Phoenix Coyotes

Best Hockey Movember Promotion idea for 2011 – #1 – Replace the C & A with a Mo icon for captains, #2 – Don Cherry Mo suit, #3 – Top Goalies Moustache-inspired masks


Swiss Dominate BC Floorball Challenge – Canucks Outsider #55

On a summer Saturday, Dave heads to the BC Floorball’s Challenge Tournament to learn whassup with fast-paced indoor hockey sport and watch the Swiss Selects soundly defeat the Canadian Waveriders in an exhibition besides the 5-nation cup tournament.  While there, Dave talks to Switzerland’s Simon and Simon (not to be confused with the TV show), rookie player Boris Mann,StewartThe Fossil” from England (and another player from London) plus interviews with BC Floorball’s Greg Beaudin (AKA Billy Tucker) and the “godfather” of Canadian Floorball, Finland’s Juha Mikola.  Topics include rules and regulations, Swiss military training, beautifulness of Vancouver, pro players in Europe, equipment, sportsmanship and beer.

Grab Swiss Dominate BC Floorball Challenge – Canucks Outsider #55 (.mp3, 34:23, 32MB)

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Photo of StewartThe Fossil” in action by Kris Krug (arted-up by Dave O)
More Coverage from the BCFF

Kris Krug‘s (Vancouver Photographer) kickin’ at BC Floorball flickr page
via More Photos from the 1st Annual BCFF Floorball Challenge

BC Floorball’s Tournament Coverage

Richard Eriksson’Week of Floorball report on Urban Vancouver and Youtube’d floorball video

The Province (via BC floorball Federation on esports)

North Shore News (via BC Floorball Fancy Footwork)

Fancy Footwork
Action from the 1st Annual BCFF Floorball Tournament in May. Board Members Greg Beaudin and Blair Zimmerman compete for the ball as Adrian Zimmerman and David Senn look on. (Photo courtesy ofNorth Shore News)

Greg Beaudin, President of BC Floorball ( says,

“The Future of Floorball in Canada, proven by the results of the day, is not in the hands of the skilled hockey players turned Floorball enthusiasts but rather in the youth who can grow up learning the skills and tactics of the game as the Swiss team graciously made us realize with the thumping that they handed us. We hope the spectators enjoyed watching true Floorball skill and we thank them for coming out to watch.  Floorball is an amazing team sport for its accessibility, versatility, affordability, energy and sportsmanship.  It is totally Gym friendly and we hope that schools and community centers are quick to value Floorball as an ideal, safe, and economical Gym sport for girls and boys.  We hope that all of you can spread the good word and build the buzz for Floorball.

Play Floorball in BC – Drop in an to experience the co-ed fun – new players welcome and may borrow gear.

When and Where: Register – Poster

Monday Night Floorball – $7 Mondays 6pm-7.45pm at the Roundhouse in downtown Vancouver

[UPDATE] Summer hiatus Thursday Night Floorball – $7 Thursdays, 7PM Mulgrave School in West Vancouver

More Floorball: – BC Floorball – Floorball Canada – Floorball in Ontario – Floorball Equipment

BC Floorball TournamentBC Floorball Tournament
Swiss Zimmerman vs. Canadian Zimmerman (by Kris Krug)

Bogus Coverage (no permalinks, tsk tsk …, just here for posterity and shame):

The Outlook

The Courier


Seventh Heaven!

Huge exciting times! Bon chance to both teams but especially the Hurricances.

Canes Mania in BC

PS Not my truck but viewed in Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park


Hockey NW Worksheet – social media community worksheet, circa 1997

Here’s my Hockey NW pre-social-media-online-community biz plan i mentioned @fergusson kinda fun to reflect upon

Hockey NW Worksheet


— Promote Hockey culture and sport in the Pacific Northwest area by producing and marketing a destination site for hockey fans in the northwest

— Provide advanced web design & hosting services for major teams in the area

— Market “deluxe” products & services to minor hockey teams to increase excitement

— Earn increased revenues for Major teams by cross-marketing tickets, jerseys & packages to a wider, regional audience

— Build a duplicable model of creating and promoting a virtual community

What it will be:

The Hockey NW web site will be a state-of the art, “no-holds-barred” database driven, graphically involved and designed to provide a total user experience including:

— information and statistics for every player on participating teams,

— ticket purchasing, as well as tour packages including transportation, tickets and accommodations

— instructional videos about hockey, penalties, fundamentals, highlights

— “home pages” for each participating teams including schedules, pictures, “custom” hockey cards

— fantasy leagues, modifying the popular on-line models to create a game using all players from participating teams, regardless of league or level

— web-based e.mail checker so participating teams members can check e.mail from any browser

— refreshing”almost real-time” scoresheet with scores from various games

— highlight clips from games as possible

— custom hockey card creation and other fun

— live game radio broadcasts

— editorial articles and breakdowns

— guestbook, message board

— fan home pages, including preparing graphics and instructions for fans to make a page

— seating charts and maps to various arenas

Who is the audience:

Hockey fans cross-pollinated from various regional fan bases, especially grassroots support as in minor hockey, recreational leagues as well as international players’ families & fans. This will be a valuable piece of marketing data for teams looking to expand market and reach new audiences.

Revenue Streams:

— Affiliate programs (partner with on-line hockey gear and accessory sellers, collect commission from sales)

— Banner ads (sell advertising to various companies who stand to benefit from this audience) (ideas include: hotels,

— Teams jerseys and accessories sales (fulfilled by team, proceeds split with HNW & teams)

— Corporate sponsors (potential corporate sponsors include: Nike/Bauer, Koho, Jofa, US In-line, Orca-bay, IBM, )

— Web design/hosting/promotion packages to teams (web site hosting, custom design)

— Complete promo packages for minor teams including team photos, individual photos, web sites, score and statistics tracking, logo design, jersey design etc.

— In-kind contributions from major teams (board advertising, tickets for promotion)

Required from Major participants ( Sabercats, T’birds, Canucks, Winterhawks, Americans, Cougars, etc.)

— board & program advertising

— access to press/photo time with team

— cooperation and interaction with art/marketing departments

— consulation of needs (broadcast streaming, ticket selling schemes)

Halloween Week of Scary Games – Canucks Outsider #43

Waiting for the Seabus, Dave catches up with a few game recaps (Washington Nashville, Minnesota, Colorado and Dallas) and chats about Jacques Lemaire’s tan, Rolston’s language, and identifies Canuck killers and recounts Nucks struggle to hold a lead and close out games.

Canucks Outsider #43 (24:16, .mp3, 22.4MB)


Plus he comes across a talented and enthusiastic busker named Clayton, playing the Wayne Gretzky montge song before heading across the inlet to the North Shore mountains to watch the Nucks take on the Ducks (insert foreboding organ music here) and encouraging a listen to Choogleon podcast.

More music in this episode by The (savant-like) Numbskulz of Pe Ell Washington and Sam Densmore of Portland, OR (also the co-host of Mastan Music Hour podcast and a recording engineer at Mastan Music).


My mom made a blog post about my #Canucks pics on bus…

My mom @manorbooks made a blog post about my #Canucks pics on BC Transit Thanks Ma!


This picture gives a whole new meaning to:


Downtown Vancouver on the back of a BC Transit bus.
That’s my 2nd son, Dave, on the right side of the picture!
~ Canucks Fan par Excellence.
~ “Canucks Outsider” Worldwide Podcaster.
~ Bon Vivant Man About Town.

(Another) use of my Stanley Cup photo

(Another) use of my Stanley Cup photo on Real Clear Sports – Request: Write to ensure proper CC accreditation

[archived link from article May 31, 2009 / subsequently changed]


CanucksOutsider – Canucks Fanzone – Go Canucks Go!

CanucksOutsider – Canucks Fanzone – Go Canucks Go!