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Invite: 12th Birthday Party (with 007)

Invite: 12th Birthday Party (with 007), cover
Invite: 12th Birthday Party (with 007), inside

Ichiro: card #14 “i’ll be your mirror” / 7.7

Ichiro: card #14 “i’ll be your mirror” / 7.7

Ichiro Olson, card # 14
“I’ll be your mirror“

When I watch your face wrinkle, your lips curl, brow furrow, your eyes dart, your legs twitch, your fingers stretch, your big yawns burps and yes, farts… I see me, I see my dad, I see my brothers, I see vikings, I see farmers, I see artists, I see samurai, I see kindness, I see intention, I see curiosity, I see potential, I see uncertainty, I see the past/present/future all in a flash, I see myself concerned, often weak and weary and in pain, I see myself trying, I see your remarkable mother perform magic moment by moment, I see everything I want to support and encourage and learn & observe for all of the years / savouring each hour i can. I see you small mighty man, I see you.

Media: Cub Scout Trash / “Surrey North Delta Today”, May 1981

Media: Cub Scout Trash / “Surrey North Delta Today”, May 1981

“Pitching in.. The boys, leaders and family members of the East Whalley/ Guildford Scout District turned out in force to participate in the recent Pitch-In ’81 campaign… “

Ichiro: card #13 “generations” #Tomiko / 5.7

Ichiro: card #13 “generations” #Tomiko / 5.7

Ichiro Olson, card # 13
“Generations” / 5.7

The past few days we’ve witnessed a powerful transition of life as Ichiro’s great-grandmother Tomiko Fujita left this realm at 94 years old.

She is the widow of grandfather Ichiro who died over 4 decades ago at 49 years old. She passed a few hours after we formally registered the new lil Ichiro’s name at the City Office.

Her body went through the traditional Buddhist rituals in the house with monks, attendants, preparers and so on coming and going over 4 days with relics, artifacts, momentos, flowers, altars and so on / conducting prayers & chants plus bells, incense… all in the same tatami room where Ryoko & Ichi had rested hours before.

There’s more to say about this whole experience and the incredible dignity and respect and intention with which she was treated – but for now, I will say: as in the Buddhist consideration, her spirit lingers here for 40 some odd days after the body diminishes and feeling the life force transmitting between generations was undeniable.

PS watching my dear in-laws’ graceful tenacity during the scant days between dropping their daughter at clinic to give birth to baby coming home & settling in, then FiL’s mother passing & ceremonies… was a revelation of love.

See also: Ichiro and Tomiko’s wedding photo

Memento: Osmond family signatures, ca. 1977

Memento: Osmond family signatures, ca. 1977  / Orem, Utah

Memento: Osmond Studio, wall of signatures (in cement), ca. 1977

Memento: Osmond Studio, wall of signatures, ca. 1977, Orem UT
I see Ernest Borgnine, who do you see? 

Ichiro: card #12 “beard kisses” #zissou / 3.7

Ichiro: card #12 “beard kisses” / 3.7

Ichiro Olson #io card #12 / collectible
*prepare for beard kisses*
(Team Zissou uniform not usually included or required)

Memento: Jimmy Osmond meets 3 Olsonboys, ca. 1977

Memento: Jimmy Osmond meets Olsonboys, circa 1977, Orem Utah


Media: Leprechaun (with tophat and bowtie) / Surrey, ca. 1976

Surrey Leader? 1976? #factcheck

“… David Olson , front, played a leprechaun.” Surrey (BC, Canada) Leader(?), circa 1977

Note: my dear Mom standing behind me and my *grumpy* face

Ichiro: card #11 “officialness & compliance” #canadaday / 1.7

Ichiro Stanley Thorvald Olson, card #11 / “Officialness & Compliance” / July 1, Reiwa 2 (2020)

Ichiro Stanley Thorvald Olson, card #11
July 1, Reiwa 2 (2020)
“Officialness & Compliance”

Ergo: Name (etc) registration is complete / paperwork in order / various writing schemes and dating systems applied.

Received from Okayama-shi, Naka-ku (city/ward) office:
* tree (sapling, choice from six varieties)
* trash bags (30 l, many)
* tissues (small packet)
* various cards and certificates (importantness abounding)
* charge ¥700 (processing)

Thanks to: Takeshi Fujita (FiL) #io

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